NugSmasher Rosin Press Starter Kits & Bundles

Complete starter and combo kits with everything you need to start pressing rosin out of the box.

Looking to make rosin but don't know where to start or what else you'll need? We have several kits & bundles to complement every Nugsmasher rosin press; from basic kits containing the bare essentials to start making rosin at home, to kits containing every tool & gadget the pros use.

Discover additional savings when you purchase a complete NugSmasher rosin press bundle, save additional time, and spend more time pressing!

What's offered in each bundle?

The NugSmasher Basic Bundle is ideal for folks who want the ease and convenience of owning a full rosin press and want to start with the bare essentials - no more, no less.

When the basics don't quite cut - The Nugsmasher Essentials Bundle adds more accessories for those who know what's needed for a great rosin system setup.

The NugSmasher Master Bundle containers everything you need to get the ultimate rosin pressing experience. All the essential and necessary accessories are included just like how the pros do it.

NugSmasher Pro Rosin Press Accessory Kit

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