Triminator TRP & TRP Stack Rosin Press Review

Triminator is one of the few companies that offers holistic solutions when it comes to cannabis consumption. From trimming machines, the brand has also taken on rosin extractors to go from trim to extracts, once your buds are ready for use.

Triminator has its TRP line of products, which is one of the smallest product range, yet has the largest yield possible among all rosin extracts. That said, are the TRP extractors a powerful machine the company has been projecting it to be or just some hype? Let’s take a look at what Triminator offers.




Both the TRP and TRP Stack feature 25 tons of pressure. That means you can extract at lower temperatures while protecting the terpenes from burning.


Triminator TRP Rosin Press
Triminator TRP Rosin Press


They both have 6 x 10-inch food-grade stainless steel plates. The TRP has two, while the TRP Stack uses three plates. These plates allow you to have up to 128 grams of kief or buds in one press on each pair of plates. Since the TRP Stack has three plates, you can extract twice as much as the TRP. That’s 256 grams in one press, which is the highest amount that you can extract from a commercial rosin press.

To get pressing, the TRP and TRP Stack can utilize foot pumps with a compressor, electric pumps, or good old manual hand pumps. These pumps have their advantages and disadvantages, so it’s good to weigh your options.


Triminator TRP Stack
Triminator TRP Stack


Now, what sets the TRPs from other rosin presses in the market is its Drip Technology. That allows you to pivot the plates as you extract to a 90-degree angle, which lets your rosin slide onto your collection plate as soon as it starts flowing. This feature is very much welcome as it reduces the time your rosin lingers on your heating plates. Nobody wants burnt rosin, and every second that it stays longer means a higher risk for burning.

These features seem promising, but can they deliver?




The TRP is put to the test with different strains.

With 33 grams of Grease Monkey buds, a temperature of around 190 degrees Fahrenheit, and a total PSI of around 10,000, the TRP was able to extract 8 grams or 24 percent of the total weight.


Triminator TRP Stack Rosin Press Results

Using around 31 grams of Girl Scout Cookie buds, 190 degrees Fahrenheit, and a total PSI of 6,000, a TRP Stack was able to yield 12.4 grams of rosin. If it were done on the TRP, that would have been half or 6.2 grams.

Meanwhile, 75 grams of ice water hash from the Girl Scout Cookie strain at 175 degrees Fahrenheit and around 5,000 PSI yielded approximately 34 grams on the TRP Stack or an approximate 17 grams with the TRP.


Triminator TRP Rosin Press Results

When tested on 63 grams of ice water hash from the Grease Monkey using the same settings as the Girl Scout Cookies, the TRP Stack yielded almost 28 grams. On the dual-plated TRP,

As you can see, these yields might not look as high, but if more materials were placed, you are likely to get more. But, to give you an idea of how much you can expect in every press, you can check this guide.



Final Thoughts

The TRP and the TRP Stack are the perfect addition to anyone looking to press large quantities. And if that doesn’t convince you, these two rosin presses are made of food-grade material for a solventless experience. Add to that the fact that these machines come with a two-year warranty. That said, these machines are ready to get those yields in the safest way possible.