Ju1ceBox Rosin Press Review - Is a $99 Handheld Rosin Press Any Good?

Ju1ceBox Rosin Press Review - Is a $99 Handheld Rosin Press Any Good?

If you are one of those who have been using a hair straightener to extract rosin, you may want to put your DIY setup aside and give the Ju1ceBox Handheld Rosin Press a look.

Weighing a little over two (2) pounds, the Ju1cebox measures 10.75 inches long, 8.25 inches tall, and four (4) inches wide. It has plates measuring one (1) inch by 1.5 inches, ideal for up to two (2) grams of material for extraction.


Ju1ceBox Handheld Rosin Press

Given how small this rosin press is, can it live up to the expectations of a personal rosin press?


Out of the box

The Ju1cebox Handheld comes in a box that contains one (1) rosin press, a gram of hemp flower, a Boveda bag, and a one (1) gram 2-way humidity control.


Ju1ceBox Rosin Press Review - Is a $99 Handheld Rosin Press Any Good?

A starter kit is also available, which includes the pre-cut parchment paper, collector, mat, and silicone container.



The Ju1cebox Handheld uses a unique sloped design to prevent terpene burns, and move the flow of rosin for a more effortless collection.

The plates heat up gradually, so you can maximize the extracts without having to resort to a second or even third press.

According to Ju1cebox, you only need two minutes to extract rosin of small quantities using this handheld press, which is why it did not include a temperature control, unlike bigger rosin presses.



It’s easy to apply pressure with the Ju1cebox Handheld. But do not let the manual nature intimidate you; this hand press tightens with every squeeze you make.

Given the small real estate on the heating plates, you need to make sure your buds are inserted into the Ju1cebox so that you can fully extract every bit of your cannabis.

Ju1cebox recommended on its website that you should pre-press your material by hand before putting in the parchment paper. While the highest capacity of this press is two (2) grams, it recommends pressing around half or one gram for better results.


Another good thing to note about the Ju1cebox Handheld is that when you press it, it stays in place. It won’t release the parchment pinned until you lift the lock between its handle.

So, before you clamp your material, you should check that your material is aligned. You would not want to miss a spot when you start pressing.

When you have secured your material, you can start pressing.

Once you press your cannabis, turn on the switch of the Ju1cebox Handheld and wait for the plates to heat up.

The heat plates of the Ju1cebox go up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Unfortunately, there is no temperature and pressure control, unlike tabletop rosin presses, so you may have to do trial and error to get the best quality per strain and material.

The Ju1cebox Handheld works for two (2) minutes, after which it alarms to notify you it’s finished pressing.




Ju1ceBox Manual Rosin Press Pressed Sample Images


The Ju1cebox Handheld was put to the test using different strains and materials.

Strain Material Amount Yield % Yield
GMO Cookie Buds 1 g 0.4 g 40%
Animal Cookies Buds 1 g 0.26 g 26%
Grandaddy Purple Buds 1 g 0.21 g 21%
24K Kief 1 g 0.55 g 55%
SSH Hash 1 g 0.75 g 75%

If the average extract for buds is at 20 percent, then the rosin from the GMO Cookie yielded promising results. The Ju1cebox Handheld managed to get 0.40 grams of rosin with a one-gram bud from this strain.

The Animal Cookies strain produced above-average results. With a gram of this strain, the Ju1cebox Handheld gave 0.26 grams of rosin.

Meanwhile, the Granddaddy Purple produced 0.21 grams of rosin from a one-gram bud.

For kief, the 24K was tested with the Ju1cebox Handheld. With a gram of kief, the rosin press extracted 0.55 grams from this strain. Meanwhile, a gram of SSH hash produced 0.75 grams of rosin.



All in all, the Ju1cebox Handheld Rosin Press is a decent rosin press at 99 dollars. It’s the perfect companion to people who want fresh rosin on-demand. Its portable design makes it ideal for you to bring wherever you go.

The heating plates are a great example of a well-engineered device. The tilted design ensures your rosin flows away and won’t soak up the material.

Most importantly, this rosin press produces decent results. While mileage may vary depending on the strain, the Ju1cebox Handheld won’t let you down.

If you have broken a bunch of hair straighteners to extract rosin, then it’s time to quit that habit and get this portable rosin press. In the long run, you’ll be saving more, instead of repeatedly buying straighteners.

But, if you are the type who wants precision control when extracting rosin, you should look elsewhere.

For less than a hundred dollars, the Ju1cebox Handheld is hard to beat. If you are willing to add a little more, you can get the starter pack, which contains the listed items above, plus 30 tickets or pre-cut parchment paper, a six-inch dab mat, a silicone container, and a double-sided five-inch collector.