First Look & Review: CenturionPro XL5, XL5 SE, XL10, and XL MegaBucker - CenturionPro's Commercial Harvesting Solutions

CenturionPro has outdone itself once again by bringing out its big guns in the cannabis harvesting game.

Known for its high quality and efficient trimmers and buckers, CenturionPro released its XL5 and XL10 Trimmers, and the XL MegaBucker, for harvesters who want to upsize their machines to process commercial quantities of cannabis or hemp.


If you have plans of upgrading to industrial-levels, you better read on.


XL5 Trimmer



The XL5 Trimmer is CenturionPro’s smaller sized trimming machine. With a tumbler size of 38.9 cubic feet, this industrial trimmer can take up to 1,500 pounds of wet buds or 300 pounds of dry buds in an hour.

Effectively, this machine processing power does the job of up to 1,200 workers, thanks to the ten 11-blade cutting reels.

The XL5 Trimmer can do up to 420,000 cuts per minute using its trimmers. It has variable speed function, letting you have complete control over the quality of each batch for the perfect trim.


CenturionPro XL5 Sample Cut

The XL5 Trimmer adheres to the standards of the GMP and the FDA by using food-grade materials. It has an emergency stop, so the safeties of your operators remain uncompromised.

This machine also utilizes an adjustable in-feed and out-feed, which lets the machine adapt to the workflow of your harvest facility. Cleaning is easy, as the XL5 Trimmer is wash-down rated, making clean up very easy.

If your harvest facility is about to go big-time, then this machine is for you.


XL5 SE Trimmer



The XL5 SE Trimmer is CenturionPro’s mid-range commercial trimming solution.

Compared to the XL5, the XL5 SE boasts a 50% increase in trimming capacity, capable of trimming 2,250 pounds of wet buds or 450 lbs of dry bud in an hour. 

Looking for hand-trimmed quality buds? look no further! The CenturionPro XL5 SE features a variable speed control so you can fine-tune each strain for the perfect, indistinguishable hand-manicured look.

Made only with food-grade materials and designed with health and safety in mind, the XL5 SE adheres to the highest occupational safety standards and complies with GMP and FDA regulations. It also features an emergency stop, should you need to stop the operations.

The XL5 SE has an adjustable in-feed and out-feed, making operation a breeze. Setup and cleanup are easy; the trimmer is wash-down rated, making the cleaning process a quick chore.


XL10 Trimmer



The XL10 Trimmer is the bigger brother of the XL5 and has twice the capacity of its smaller sibling.

It has a 77.8 cubic feet tumbler and can take on 3,000 pounds of wet or 600 pounds of dry buds in an hour, effectively producing an output equal to 2,400 workers.

Since the XL10 Trimmer doubles the capacity of the XL5, this mega-sized trimmer creates 840,000 cuts a minute with its 20 11-blade cutting reel.


CenturionPro XL10 Conveyor System

The XL10 Trimmer features the same variable speed control, adjustable in-feed and out-feed, and emergency stops, as the XL5.

If you are ready to rule the cannabis harvesting industry, then the XL10 is the way to go.


XL MegaBucker



Every large-scale upgrade in cannabis harvesting requires you to have, not just the right trimmers, but also a powerful bucker to hasten the process.

The XL MegaBucker is an excellent way to move up to the big leagues in harvests.

With a capacity to have 16 operators working at the same time, the XL Megabucker can process up to 2,400 pounds of wet and 480 pounds of dry cannabis.

The XL MegaBucker uses a variable speed control so you can command the pace of your machine.

Featuring two (2) fixed speed conveyor belts for your stem and bud removal and a variable speed conveyor to bring the bucked plants to trimming, the XL MegaBucker gives you the tools for a streamlined process.


CenturionPro MegaBucker in Action

Maintenance is easy with the XL MegaBucker. Should the machine jam, the reversible rollers assist you in removing any blockage. With removable panels, you can easily clean this machine without any special tools.

While this is a goliath of a machine, the XL MegaBucker is power-efficient. This machine only requires a current draw of 70 amperes and has a 60 Hz cycle. This bucker is also built into a trailer with steel-belted radial tires, making transport easy with a light truck.


XL-erate Your Harvest: A True Commercial Harvesting System 


CenturionPro XL Machines Working Together


The beauty of XL Trimmers and the XL MegaBucker is how these machines work together.

Like a match made in heaven, the XL Megabucker and XL Trimmers go beyond being a set of machines and create a seamless workflow that goes from bucking to trimming in a matter of seconds.

Link the output of your XL MegaBucker to the in-feed of your XL Trimmer, whether you use the XL5 or XL10.

And because you have increased your output efficiency without adding more people, you save more in the long run, as these machines pay for themselves over a short period.


Ready to Increase Your Output?

We are committed to your success here at Trimleaf. If you are considering one of the CenturionPro XL commercial harvest units, whether it be the XL5, XL5 SE, XL10, or the XL MegaBucker, we invite you to have a chat with our team. We have a dedicated support staff trained to help you find the perfect investment for your specific needs and operation.