Triminator Mini Dry Bud Trimming Machine

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If you HATE hand trimming your buds like me, then the Triminator Mini is for you. No assembly, no lubrication, no problems... Bottom line, I trimmed a bow in less than an hour. If you wanna stop cutting your fingers with fiskars and stop paying your buddies to help you trim then order this machine. 
- MrLoudPacksSD

About the Triminator Mini Dry Bud Trimming Machine

Dry Only
Trimmer Type

8 lbs/hr

Dry Capacity

1 Year


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Joseph Stoltenberg
Great product

This triminator mini dry is the bees knees man. This will save you sooo much time harvest after harvest. Pays for Itself!!! Check out my review on YouTube. YouTube video placeholder YouTube video placeholder
Brandon Schwartz
great product

ran a big harvest through it and make sure water leaves and fan leaves are taken care of if your OCD otherwise is professional clean cut

Bobbe Viamari
Best machine in the world

This machine is a dream
Thanks again to trim leaf

Dan Yang
Triminator Mini - Hand perfection

This was the best investment ever made when it comes to trimming. If I only knew sooner... this cut labor cost and time to improve profit margins I recommend it to any personal or commercial grower. It’s compact and easy to transport anywhere... once you dial in the trim style you want the rest is cake.

Jose Padilla
Trimminator mini dry

Jose bought the machine for me his wife. I am disabled. I am able to use the trimminator by my self. Very self gradifying. And praformance is great. Works just like you told me. I was able to trim what 5- 7 people would do in a day. I LOVE MY MACHINE.