Wet & Dry Automatic Bud Trimming Machines

Wet Automatic Bud Trimming Machines For Sale

Looking for the best automatic wet bud trimmers to automate your harvest and you both time & labor costs? Look no further! We carry the best automatic wet bud trimmers from the industry's leading brands trusted by farmers and cultivators worldwide.

Be sure to check out our Wet Bud Trimmer ROI Calculator to find out how fast a wet bud trimmer can pay for itself. (Hint: wet bud trimmers typically pay for themselves within the first or second harvest!)


Wet Trimming Pros and Cons

➕ Simple and fast; stalks can be fed to the machine right after harvest.
➕ It takes less space since stalks don't have to be dried.

➖ Flowers may not be as flavorful or aromatic.
➖ Molds could develop due to excess moisture.

How Close is the Quality Between Machine-Trimmed Buds vs. Hand-Trimmed Buds? 

Below are just a few examples of before-and-after shots of buds trimmed by automatic bud trimmers. How close are they to hand-trimmed quality? we'll let the photos decide and speak for themselves...

... ... ... ...

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