Established in 2010, EZTrim Harvesting has made a name in the cannabis and hemp industry for developing elite harvesting solution that maximizes profit for businesses. The machines manufactured by this company out of Colorado are arguably some of the best you can purchase for commercial applications.

EZTrim equipment are also designed to streamline your harvesting process without sacrificing the quality of your products. Whether you’re using an EZTrim bucker, trimmer, or bud sorter; you can expect fast and efficient processing while maintaining the pristine condition of your harvest.

All EZTrim products come with a 3-year warranty and offer coverage right from the delivery to demonstrate the brand’s confidence in the quality and durability of its machines. Whether you own an indoor grow set up or a large farm, EZTrim can help create a harvesting system that fits your business needs with the brand’s amazing harvesting equipment.

Aside from the products, EZTrim prides itself on developing logistics and execution systems to accommodate your specific needs on-site when setting up your harvesting equipment. With EZTrim, you can trust to get not just some of the best products in the industry but also a long-term relationship with live support and plenty of resources to help your business grow.