Tom’s Tumble Trimmer: More than Just Trimmers

Tom's Tumbler Trimmer Review

A lot of trimmers in the market focus on creating trimmers that can cater to both wet and dry buds. But Tom's Tumble Trimmers is taking a unique route. They've carved out a niche by focusing specifically on the dry bud market. This makes sense, as dry buds are harder to trim, allowing Tom's Tumble Trimmers to demonstrate the efficiency of its machines. Their trimmers protect trichomes, trim buds faster than traditional wet and dry trimmers, and use innovative features to produce remarkable outputs.

Tom's Tumble Trimmers has achieved a great deal in less than ten (10) years, and their trajectory has been fascinating. Initially focused on dry trimming, they've evolved to develop large-scale bladeless trimming solutions – a pioneering move in the field. The combination of dry and bladeless trimming might seem unusual, as dry buds are harder to trim and typically require precise cutting tools. However, Tom's Tumble Trimmers have successfully combined these elements thanks to their innovative features. Their success has allowed them to expand from small-scale solutions to those that cater to industrial-sized operations.


A Brief History

Tom’s Tumble Trimmers is a bi new in the market, having been established in 2013 by Thomas Bruggemann, a cannabis grower and former Hollywood stuntman.

Bruggemann wanted a bud trimmer that can trim fast, without losing the trichomes in the buds. After several prototypes, Bruggemann came out with the bladeless, mesh net tumbler, that has since then sparked different variations.


Tom's Tumble Trimmers

Since then, Bruggemann has released eight (8) models of trimmers and sold thousands of his machines under his TTT Innovations Company. Aside from trimmers, his company has introduced CO2 infusion kits for some of its trimmers for faster work.

All the trimmers under the Tom’s Tumble Trimmers brand use the trademark bladeless and mesh system to achieve minimal loss in trichomes.

They currently have two (2) trimmer series, designed for different capacities.



Meet the Family: 1600, 1900, 2100, 2600 & 3000


Tom's Tumble Bladeless Dry Trimmers


The first is the dry bud trimmers, the original machines that put TTT Innovations on the map in the cannabis industry. These dry bud trimmers are compact but powerful dry bud trimming solutions that can process up to 100 pounds an hour and come with pollen collectors.

Tom’s Tumble Trimmers takes pride in its five (5) dry bud trimmers.

The entry-level 1600 Trimmer is a hand-cranked machine that does not need electricity to operate. As a tabletop-sized trimmer, you can go off-the-grid and continue trimming those buds. It can process around 1 pound per hour, making it ideal for small-time or personal growers.

You can kick things up a notch with the 1900 Trimmer. With a bigger trimming capacity of 12 pounds an hour, the 1900 trimmer keeps a less compact profile that’s easy to assemble.

Another good thing about this trimmer is the ability to integrate CO2 infusion Kits that flash freeze your buds, leaving the leaves in a brittle state, for faster trimming.

The flagship trimmer of this series is the 3000 Dry Bud Trimmer, which can process up to 100 pounds of buds in an hour.


Tom's Tumble Trimmer 3000The Flagship TTT 3000

Like the other motorized trimmers in this series, the 3000 Bud Trimmer integrates with the CO2 Infusion Kit for more efficient trimming.

Other dry bud trimmers in this series are the 2100 and the 2600 Dry Bud Trimmers. These trimmers can handle up to 18 pounds and 36 pounds of buds in an hour, respectively, and work with the CO2 Infusion Kit.

Regardless of which Dry Bud Trimmer you get, all these machines are easy to maintain.

The mesh nets are machine-washable, and the pollen nets are cleanable with rubbing alcohol. And their zippers can be lubricated with beeswax and cooking oil spray.

The Dry Bud Trimmers come with a one-year warranty.

Trimmer Model

Capacity (Dry) Power Source Notable Features
TTT 1600 1 lb/hr Hand-cranked Portable
TTT 1900 20 lbs/hr Electric Variable speed motor
TTT 2100 20 lbs/hr Electric Variable speed motor, CO2 kit compatible
TTT 2600 60 lbs/hr Electric Variable speed motor, Improved design, CO2 kit compatible
TTT 3000 100 lbs/hr Electric Variable speed motor, Flagship model, CO2-kit compatible
TTT 5000 GMP 50 lbs/hr Electric Variable speed motor, CO2-kit compatible, GMP-compliant, Stainless steel construction

Python Trimmers


Tom's Python Industrial Trimmer


The latest innovation of the Tom’s Tumble Trimmers is the Python Trimmers. The Python Trimmers is the brand’s response for industrial-sized solutions in the cannabis industry.

Like its smaller relatives, the Python uses bladeless and various sizes of mesh nets to produce near-perfect trims for your dry buds with minimal impact to your trichomes.

The Python uses a continuous feed system that automatically loads the buds into the chamber for trimming. It also features manual speed controls for the motors so you can match the power of the machine with your buds.

Since the Python works fast, you need to continuously feed it with buds to make the most of its capacity. Ideally, you should be loadings hundreds of pounds. There are four (4) models in the Python range that all have the same features but differ in trimming capacities.

The Python 200 is the entry-level in the series, capable of handling 200 pounds per hour. The mid-tier is the Python 400, which has an hourly capacity of 400 pounds. On the higher-end is the Python 600, which can trim up to 600 pounds an hour. The flagship model is the Python 1200, which has a maximum capacity of 1,200 pounds in an hour.

The Python Bud Trimmers comes with a three-year warranty.


Python Stainless Steel Conveyors 

Bridging your workflow between machines, the Python Stainless Steel Conveyors move your buds from each step without having to handle the buds yourself personally. A conveyor system improves productivity while reducing contamination risks and even human handling losses.

There are three types of conveyors to choose from: the Mighty Conveyor, which feeds the Mighty Python trimmers; the Feed Belt Conveyor, which has a higher feeding capacity; and the Takeaway Belt Conveyor, which transfers your buds and trims to the next stage of your workflow.

One thing to note about the feed conveyors is that they are fully adjustable. You can set them at any desired angle and height or use them with non-Python trimmers.

Python D-Leefer 

Python D-Leefer

A good trim removes the water leaves and stems from your buds. Not to be outdone, the company developed the  Python D-Leefer to help growers remove those branches and water leaves before the buds are given a proper trim. This machine handles dry buds well and features a vacuum to segregate the trimmings from the flowers. 


Python Biomass Refiner 

Python Biomass Refiner

If you plan to get the Mighty Python Trimmer, then it’s also recommended that you also get the  Python Biomass Refiner. This machine allows you to maximize the trims from your buds by extracting any kief still present to increase your yields. The Python Biomass Refiner has multiple vacuums that move material faster. 


Tom’s Automatic Bud Sorter 

Tom’s Automatic Harvest Sorter

Even making things more efficient regarding quality control,  Tom’s Automatic Harvest Sorter lets you segregate your buds according to size. Not only does this make the job faster, but it also enables you to evaluate the quality of the buds you grow. You’ll see the consistency in your harvests by the number of buds that go through each sorting slot.

The Automatic Harvest Sorter also features adjustable speeds, and you can also set the adjustment size with the five adjusters.

Extraction Solutions


Toms Grasshopper Cryogenic Dry Sifter

The company also offers a cryogenic herb sifter if the conveyor system and industrial trimmers aren’t enough. Dubbed the  Grasshopper, this machine can extract kief 20 times faster than the usual cryo-tumblers. Using vibration and liquid CO2, the Grasshopper can achieve a higher extraction rate.

Pre Roll Solutions

Tom’s Pre-Roll Grinder/Shredder 

Toms Pre-Rolls Commercial Pre Roll Grinder

Last on the list is Tom’s Pre-roll Grinder/Shredder. If you want to add pre-rolls as part of your offerings, then a Pre-roll grinder is essential. This grinder can handle up to 200 pounds of material and process wet and dry buds. It comes with a single horsepower motor and is made of stainless steel for GMP compliance.

Coming Full Circle

Tom’s Tumble Trimmer may have that niche for dry trimming, but the introduction of new products has proven that it is more than just a dry trimming brand. By updating the designs of its tumble trimmers, the company has proven that it won’t allow itself to be a one-trick pony. Through expansion, Tom’s Tumble Trimmer also proved that it is a formidable company to watch out for in cannabis processing. By introducing industrial solutions, the company presents itself as a solution for different businesses involved in cannabis distribution or production.