From Pucks to Pure Gold: A Deep Dive into Sasquash Rosin Press Range

Sasquash Rosin Press Lineup Review: Half Squash, M1, V2.0 and 2.5

If you’re into rosin or pressing dabs, chances are you’ve heard of the Sasquash Rosin Press. Started in 2016 by Support The Roots LLC., the Sasquash line has been a popular rosin extraction staple among beginners and professionals alike. Based in Southern California, they have become one of the country's leading manufacturers of rosin presses.

Despite being relatively new to the cannabis industry, they have gained a loyal following and a customer base that continues to grow due to their high-quality machines and great customer service. 

Will you be the next one to own a Sasquash rosin press? Let’s dive into the different models and see which one fits your needs.


M2 Rosin Press


Sasquash M2 10 Ton Rosin Press


The Sasquash M2, a new line of hydraulic rosin presses, offers customers a unit with the highest possible yield—35 grams flower or 52 grams hash per squish. This 10-ton capacity press can handle small batches for personal or small commercial use. The frame of the M2 also features an open front and back design and no wires and springs for ease of access for rosin collection, cleaning, and maintenance. 

The M2 has pressure gauge inclusions which help you show exactly what's going on inside your press, so you know when it's time to adjust your settings or stop pressing altogether. And if you do need to make an adjustment mid-press? No problem. With dual PID controllers built into the M2, you'll be able to see exactly what's going on inside your press at all times—and take action if necessary.

The M2 comes with a hand pump so that you don't have to worry about any other type of power source—it's just you and your hands against gravity. But overall, the best thing about this rosin press is its price. The M2 is actually the most affordable rosin press in their lineup —and it's still a high-quality press that will give you the most bang for your buck. If you're a newbie or just looking for a low-cost option, the M2 is a great choice.


M1 Rosin Press


Updated for 2019, the newly designed M1 now has lean tech capabilities enabling the user to let the rosin drip down onto a surface rather than collect it on the plate. The new compact frame also supports a new open back and front design for easy access.

The M1 is the entry-level commercial machine offered by Sasquash. This 10-ton press can handle 14 grams of flower and 20 grams of hash, allowing you to get the most out of your material. The M1 can be bought with add-ons such as the hand pump, which makes your setup light and portable. However, for more efficient pressing, most people get the pneumatic foot pump, which requires an air compressor to function.

The 3.5” x 4.5” aluminum plates can use the common 2” x 3” or 2” x 4” bags and can do around 15g of material at a time, depending on the density. If you’re just starting out or want a compact but powerful press, the M1 is a serious contender.


V2 Rosin Press


Sasquash V2 15 Ton Rosin Press

When you're looking for a rosin press that can handle up to 15 tons of pressure and 30,000 pounds of downward force, you're going to want one that's UL-certified and FDA-approved. That way, you know that your investment is safe and sound and will last you for years to come. And that's what the Sasquash V2 is all about. 

The V2 has also been redesigned with the controls integrated into the press for a more seamless and streamlined design. But take note, the V2 is not a stand-alone rosin press. You'll need to have a hydraulic pump installed in order for it to work. 




Sasquash 10 Ton YETI Pro Series Rosin Press

If you feel like 20 grams of hash isn’t enough, you might want to get a 10 Ton X Yeti Pro Series. This thing can hold up to 60 grams of hash in a single press and comes with a hand pump as well. With this capacity, you can turn your hobbies into a side job and make some extra cash. In fact, it is designed to help you increase your production so that you can keep up with demand and keep up with the fast-growing industry. Not a huge investment for someone who wants to be able to make a living out of their passion, right?

It is designed with comfort in mind, so it feels good to use and will fit nicely into any space you choose. You can easily press the handle down with one hand and release it as soon as you want. And don't worry about being left out in the cold—this press has heat-resistant fire-safe insulation, so you can handle it without worrying about it catching on fire. Not only will this press save you time by grinding up your product quickly, but it'll also save you money by not needing an air compressor. The 10 Ton has cool features like the Smart PLC, allowing you to set your pressures and temperatures quickly and easily. It also has a 4" x 8" platen made from 6061 aluminum with FDA-approved coatings for food safety. 





You know that feeling when you're waiting for your "perfect" espresso to drip? You're sitting there, enjoying the moment, but also wondering if it's going to take forever—and then it does. Then you realize that your morning routine is just too long. 

But, of course, this is not about your coffee morning routine. This is the same as your rosin extraction process and how you can maximize your yields while minimizing downtime. Because let's face it, the last thing you need is to be wasting time. And that's where the 55 Ton X YETI PRO SERIES comes in. It's a 50-ton machine capable of squashing 230 grams of product in one go. No more waiting around for so long for your rosin to reach its full potency, and no need to guess when it's ready.

The Sasquash 55-Ton rosin press is an excellent choice for those looking to automate their extractions. It features an electric pump, which will save you a lot of time when compared with manual pressing methods and produce less noise than other machines during operation. On the downside, electric pumps need power and consumer a significant amount of electricity. So expect your electricity bill to increase if you use this rosin press regularly. But thanks to Sasquash, this press comes with an electric pump and doesn’t require you to buy a separate one. I mean, if generosity is a virtue, then the Sasquash V2 is definitely a saint.




Sasquash Heavy Yeti 200 Ton Commercial Rosin Press

Well, we've got some big dreams, and we know you do too. Elevating your whole experience is what we’re all about. We want you to have the best of everything—the biggest, baddest camper on the road and a rosin press that will bring a joyful tear to your eye as you see your 2.2 pounds of the flower being crushed down into a beautiful, perfectly formed rosin.

With the Sasquash 200 Ton Hydraulic Press, your commercial production will take a huge leap forward, with faster presses and higher yields. It has a two-stage electric pump & control valve to provide consistent pressure to get that desired product consistency. Plus, it has huge 16" x 24" plates that are perfect for pressing on large loads.

However, this rosin press is not for the faint of heart, considering its high price tag. It’s not a press for someone just starting out; it’s for people who are serious about making the best, purest rosin possible and for large commercial operations. Sasquash even claims that this rosin press can be used for a lifetime since it's fully welded at every seam. But if you're careless, then the "lifetime use" which Sasquash claims may not be true for you. While this 20 Ton rosin press comes with a lifetime warranty, it's still limited. Defects that are caused by owner negligence will not be covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

But overall, the Sasquash 200-Ton rosin press sounds like a pretty solid investment. The price can be nervously high, but the benefits are there. With its squish capacity, you can also have your ROI back in no time. 

In Sasquash, We Trust

And there you have it, the  Sasquash lineup of rosin presses with more pros than cons. We love their variety, appreciate their honesty about what they offer, and are pleased that the company is able to create presses at a range of prices for people with different budgets. On top of that, Sasquash's generosity of mind is made apparent in what they offer. Unlike other brands that require you to buy a separate hand or electric pump, Sasquash provides you with both. 


So, have you made up your mind yet? Do you like the Sasquash rosin press lineup, or do you think another brand would suit your needs better? 

Let us know what you think in the comments below.