Optic LED Slim 650s Review

Optic LED Slim 650s Review

The Optic LED Slim 650s may heads turn with its incredible features, but can it change the way people do indoor gardens?

If you’ve been considering getting a new grow light, perhaps upgrading your existing one, you probably have encountered the Slim 650s in your search.

And if you’ve been eyeing the Slim 650s, the question is: is it worth the money?




The Slim 650s is a 650-watt LED grow light that stays true to its name. With a thickness of only 4.5 inches, this grow light is relatively easy to set up. All you need is to hang and plug it in, then let your plants absorb the light from this fixture.


Optic LED Slim 650s

The Slim 650s grow light also comes assembled, so you don’t need any fancy tools to get it running. You get all the necessary components to start the Slim 650s, sans the optional controller that you can buy separately.

And if you run into trouble, the Slim650s has a ten-year warranty to back you up.




The most notable feature of the Slim 650s is the individual dimmers that give you total control over the combination of the LEDs being used. With these individual dimmers, you can create custom spectrums that help you speed up the growing process.

On top of that, having individual control over the spectrums also enhances the potency and overall plant quality.

Thanks to the customizable spectrums, the Slim 650s gives you better footprint coverage. For one, you can use this grow light in 4 x 4 feet footprints for flowering and vegetation. But, with the customizable spectrums, you can increase the footprint to 7 x 7 feet for vegetation.


Optic LED Slim 650s

The equal footprint coverage at first is already remarkable since you don’t need to make many adjustments. But if you decide to use the Slim 650s solely for vegetation, you have yourself a powerful fixture to cover a wider area.

The Slim 650s uses over 3,000 Samsung LH 351H LEDs and is powered with a Meanwell Driver. All in all, the Slim 650s delivers 650 watts of power and can beat many 1,000-watt HPS lamps.

Now, if you want to take things a step further, the Slim 650s has an optional touchscreen controller that lets you set timers and light spectrums. That means you can have the light turn on gradually and precisely with the spectrum you need at the right time. The ability to deep dive into such settings is rare in grow lights, but the Slim 650s has it.

Considering the footprint size of the Slim650s, this grow light wasn’t meant for beginners, but rather those who have medium to large scale growing operations. That said, it would be nice if Optic LED made a smaller brother for this grow light, mainly aimed at small-time growers.



What We Think

The Slim 650s isn’t exactly on the cheap side, but if you’re looking to have something that will last a long time and give you options on how your light should be, then the investment you pay for this grow light will be worth it.

The individual controls for the red, white, and blue are a game-changer for LED grow lights, as it redefines how a grow light should be. You might even find yourself having a day trying out different combinations of light levels.



Wrapping Up

The Slim 650s is a grow light that you should shortlist, especially when you want something for bigger grow tents. Considering the benefits that this grow light brings, you will probably have a hard time getting this fixture out of your head when you’re sitting on the fence in choosing which grow light to get.

That said, as long as your resources permit, or if you can see yourself maximizing the potential of this grow light, then you won’t regret buying the Slim 650s.