NugSmasher PRO Touch First Look

NugSmasher is on a roll with another powerful rosin press. Known for being one of the leading choices for rosin extraction, NugSmasher introduces the Pro Touch rosin press.

At first glance, it seems like a mash-up of the NugSmasher Pro and NugSmasher Touch. Well, it is. But more importantly, is it any good?


NugSmasher PRO Touch


What can you expect with the NugSmasher Pro Touch?

The NugSmasher Pro Touch can provide up to 20 tons of pressure with the option for a thumb-operated pneumatic pressure control or a manual handle for control.

It can extract from up to 1/4 pound of your favorite material using its 7 x 10-inch heating plates that contain six heating elements rated at 160 watts each. These plates release quickly to prevent the burning of your extracts.

Taking the NugSmasher Pro Touch up a notch is the Interactive Extraction Brain, but with a larger touchscreen measuring 10.1 inches.


NugSmasher PRO Touch Touchscreen

For those who are new to NugSmasher, the Interactive Extraction Brain is a touchscreen computer that comes with an updatable interface via Wi-Fi. You also get to update the firmware through it.

This computer system first appeared on the NugSmasher Touch, but now scaled to the capacity of the Pro, hence the name Pro Touch. Thus, you still get total control of the amount of pressure while getting an accurate read-out of the temperature the Pro Touch extracts on. It’s also because of the Interactive Extraction Brain that the NugSmasher Pro Touch.

When it comes to the construction quality, the NugSmasher Pro Touch has the same trademark solid steel build that other NugSmasher machines have. It also has built-in LED lights to help you check on the progress of your extracts. And like other NugSmasher extractors, the Pro Touch also comes with a lifetime guarantee.



The NugSmasher Pro Touch is a rosin extractor with plenty of potentials to change the game in rosin extraction. If you are looking for precision control to avoid compromises in the quality of your extracts while extracting larger quantities, the Pro Touch will not disappoint you.

That said, should you be planning to scale up and future proof your rosin extraction process, the NugSmasher Pro Touch is an excellent choice.