Centurion Pro: A Complete Look at Their Automatic Bud Trimming Machines

Centurion Pro: A Complete Look at Their Automatic Bud Trimming Machines

Everyone knows that hand-trimmed buds are the best. But time is money, and if you have pounds of buds to trim daily, then you’ll be wasting your investments if you insist on trimming everything by hand.

That’s why investing in an automatic trimmer is a logical solution, especially when your productions are bursting with buds. Brands like CenturionPro have produced effective trimming solutions that cut time and increase profit for you. If you’ve been considering CenturionPro for your trimmers, here are your options.





Centurion Pro Tabletop 


The TableTop is CenturionPro’s smallest and most affordable trimmer. It features an hourly trimming capacity of up to 15 pounds of wet buds, and four pounds of dry buds, thanks to its dual-purpose hybrid tumbler. And while small, its trimming capacity is equivalent to 12 people manually trimming by hand.

The TableTop also features a one horsepower leaf collector system, and the triple bag kief filtration and trim collection system.

Should you want to improve the trimming experience, the TableTop has compatible non-stick Quantum Tumblers, which feature up to 40 percent trichome preservation and is non-stick.

If you are a home grower and want better trimming efficiency, you will enjoy using the TableTop, especially if you are looking for a long-term machine.





Centurion Pro Mini


If the TableTop doesn’t cut it and still wants something small, then the CenturionPro Mini Trimmer is a powerful option to consider.

The Mini features an hourly trimming capacity of up to 35 pounds of wet buds, and 7 pounds of dry buds, effectively doing the job of up to 28 workers.

The Mini has the same features as TableTop, but only with its capacity increased. It also uses a more powerful 1.5 horsepower leaf collector system.

If you have a moderate sized grow, the Mini is a good machine to consider for an automated trimmer.



Original and Silver Bullet


Centurion Pro Original & Silver Bullet


The Original and Silver Bullet are two different machines by name but have the same capacity.

Aside from the difference in color, where the Original is black, while the Silver Bullet sports a chrome finish, the difference between the two lies in the built-in silencer in the motor of the Silver Bullet. The Silencer helps make the Silver Bullet extra quiet & extra stealthy for operations where noise levels need to be kept to a minimum. 

This Original is what started it all for CenturionPro. It’s what put them on the map when it comes to bud trimming systems, making them an industry name in the cannabis business.

The Original and Silver Bullet have an hourly trimming capacity of 50 pounds wet and 10 pounds dry, or roughly the job of 50 workers.

It also uses a three-horsepower leaf collector system, making it a powerful yet compact trimmer.

Like other CenturionPro trimmers, the Original and Silver Bullet feature the same triple bag kief filter and trim collector and may be upgraded to non-stick Quantum tumblers.

If you are looking to start big, then the Original or Silver Bullet should be good enough for this purpose.





Centurion Pro Gladiator


The CenturionPro Gladiator is one of the largest capacity trimmers you can find in the market today.

With an hourly trimming capacity of 75 pounds of wet buds and 15 pounds of dry buds, this machine effectively replaces up to 60 workers trimming by hand.

The Gladiator features two tumblers, instead of a single tumbler system that you can find on the smaller CenturionPro trimmers. It also comes with a four-horsepower leaf collector, and the standard triple-bag kief filtration and trim collector.

You also get the option to upgrade the dual-purpose tumblers to non-stick Quantum Tumblers that also preserve up to 40 percent of trichomes.

For those upgrading trimmers, the Gladiator is a sensible option.






The newly updated CenturionPro 3.0+ is the most powerful commercial trimmers from the brand now featuring variable speed control as standard.

The 3.0+ gets its name with the three tumblers it uses simultaneously, which increases your trimming capacity.

It features a capacity of 125 pounds of wet buds and 25 pounds of dry buds per hour, which is equivalent to 100 workers doing a manual hand trim.

Like other non-industrial trimmers of the brand, you get a six-horsepower leaf collector, a triple bag kief filter trim collector, and dual-purpose tumblers. You also have the option to upgrade the tumblers to the non-stick Quantum tumblers.

Now, what separates the 3.0+ from other CenturionPro trimmers is its medical-grade certification.

The 3.0+ is made of medical-grade anodized aluminum and stainless steel components that meet regulatory standards. It’s worth noting that the 3.0+ complies with Health Canada and FDA regulations.



XL Trimmers

If you are gunning for Industrial-sized solutions, CenturionPro has you covered.

While machines such as the 3.0 and Gladiator are powerful enough for high capacity trimming, the industrial-grade solutions of CenturionPro ups the ante with its XL Trimmers.

These machines feature robust construction of anodized aluminum and stainless steel and adhere to the highest health and safety standards.

There are currently three XL machines under the CenturionPro brand: the XL5.0 and SE, and the XL10.


Centurion Pro XL10

The XL5.0 and SE have the capacity of trimming over a ton of wet buds in an hour or around 450 pounds of dry buds. With the ability to do 630,000 cuts a minute, these trimmers are powerful enough to do the job of 1,800 workers.

The XL10 meanwhile has the capacity of 1.5 tons of wet buds or 600 pounds of dry buds in an hour. It’s also capable of doing 840,000 cuts a minute and effectively do the job of 2,400 workers.

These machines also come with the option of integrating conveyor belt systems to improve overall efficiency while reducing the handling of your buds.

The XL Trimmers are not just extra-larger versions of the non-industrial trimmers of CenturionPro. They are a standard set by the company when it comes to quality and high performance.




If your concern is wanting that hand-trimmed look on your buds, worry not. CenturionPro has perfected its trimming system to replicate quality cuts. It’s not trimmed by hand, but it matches the quality you get from a pedicure done by hand. And the good thing about these trimmers is that their product line covers the whole spectrum, from home growers to industrial-sized operations. Add to the fact that their machines are also compatible with their other products, such as buckers, and also have spare parts available should you need an extra set. That said, you can’t go wrong with CenturionPro trimmers.