NugSmasher XP 12 Ton Rosin Press Master Bundle

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This thing is sturdy as can be and super easy to use. Got around 25% yields on my first two 14g presses and really can't complain. The device was easy to use. Set the temp, close the plates, wait, ?????, profit (aka smash). Really happy with my purchase. No longer being at the mercy of LPs for rosin is a gamechanger for me.
- Jesse L.


About the NugSmasher XP 12 Ton Rosin Press Master Bundle


Press Type

4" x 6"
Plate Size

12 Tons



NugSmasher XP Master Bundle Features 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Michael Wilson
No problems or complaints

Absolutely love this product, only comment I have on it, it's to top heavy. Once you're pressing the max and need over 2000 psi, you have to hold the top steady. It wants to tip forward. But it's not a hassle to hold it up with one hand while applying pressure with the other. Other than that, I love the machine, and everything it came with. Plus nugsmasher has fantastic tutorials for all types of their machines and products. 10/10 customer satisfaction and service. If you have a problem or question they will get back to you quick. I think I waited no more than 2 hours to hear back from someone, then once they did message me back, I waited like 5-10 mins for a response back through email. Honestly one of the best consumer experiences for me.

Tim White
Best purchase of the year

You’ll never need to buy wax again with one of these. My extracts are as good as any store-bought waxes. Amazing.

S h definitely bought one
Awesome i like it. Works grewt

Dont mistake the black mat for a scale in the picture. Smasher wirks great. U will spend some time pumping. If u can get automatic do it