Triminator Plant Buckers

The best-trimmed bud always starts with a good de-stemming, That’s why Triminator completes the whole bud processing with its line of buckers. With a track record that speaks for itself, the Triminator line-up of buckers is sure to provide your buds with gentle handling of buds to preserve the flavor and shape.

Like its Trimmers, the Triminator Bucker feature no-tool assembly, so you can get going in a few minutes. The Triminator Buckers also features the same safety standards found in all machines and feature emergency stops when something goes wrong.

With two options to choose from, you can easily find which bucker matches your operation’s capacity. The Triminator Buckers are IP65-rated for washdown. All buckers are GMP-compliant, so you that the Triminator was built to match high benchmarks.

All Triminator Buckers come with a two-year warranty.