Scynce LED

SCYNCE: The Smartest Solutions For Indoor Gardens


Waste no energy and efficiently distribute your lighting with the Scynce LED grow light system.


Only Scynce guarantees an even distribution of lighting without the risk of burning or light loss on your plants. It uses secondary optics that focus the light energy for an equal intensity on a growing surface.


Scynce also provides users with a smart solution in lighting management through its mobile apps. Get full control over the intensity, color channels, and schedule lighting changes for each stage of plant growth.


Whether you want to control a single light bulb or an array of lights, Scynce gives you full control and more savings in the long run.


You are guaranteed quality in every Scynce product. All its products have been tested for different exposure of chemicals and can withstand exposure at recommended dosages with no effects nor degradation.


All Scynce products are built for the long-term. They can withstand power washing, greenhouse leaks, and even fire suppression events.


Each Scynce Lighting Fixtures come with a five (5) year warranty as a testament of its durability.