AC Infinity Grow Tents

Step into the world of AC Infinity grow tents and elevate your indoor growing experience. AC Infinity Grow Tents are designed for growers who demand the best. With superior craftsmanship and innovative features, AC Infinity creates the ideal environment for your plants to flourish.

AC Infinity CLOUDLAB Grow Tent

Introducing the CLOUDLAB Series

Experience the future of indoor growing with AC Infinity CLOUDLAB Grow Tents. AC Ifinity CLOUDLAB grow tents create optimal year-round growing conditions, ensuring your plants thrive in the perfect environment for success.

Crafted with the thickest 2000D oxford canvas and supported by 150 lb. capacity steel poles, they are built to be heavy-duty and durable. Upgrade your indoor gardening game with our state-of-the-art grow tents!

Advanced Integration for Controllers and Sensors

Every AC Infinity Grow Tent features an aluminum mounting plate that allows you to effortlessly install controllers (such as the Controller 69) and sensors while ensuring discreet, lightproof cable routing.

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