If you’re interested in learning more about the yields of closed-loop extraction systems versus rosin presses, then keep reading, and we’ll give you the low down about the pros and cons of each concentrate extraction method.

While Hemp remains to be a federally-accepted material source, the use of Marijuana is still subject to regulations that states can autonomously decide.  But If hemp is simply variety of cannabis, how come it is treated differently? In this article, We dive into the six differentiating factors that separates hemp from marijuana and look at what sets them apart from each other.

Many of us hear the term decarboxylation. But what does it really mean? Do we need to do it? Can we do it ourselves? We explore the basics of decarboxylation and how it effects our consumption of cannabis and related processes.
Shopping for cannabis grow lights can be an overwhelming process, so we've developed this comprehensive guide on what you should be looking for when you shop for LED Grow Lights to get the most bang for your buck.

Growing cannabis requires either using soil or hydroponics. Soil is the traditional growing medium and has been used for years. But hydroponic growing is rapidly taking hold in the cannabis industry. In fact, many growers believe hydroponics offers a number of advantages in comparison to soil growing. From a faster growth rate to larger yields, here are just a few big reasons to consider using hydroponic systems.

Growing lights have improved leaped and bounds, even within the last five years. So what was true in the past may not be the case today. Both HPS and LED lights have their advantages and drawbacks.

LED, or Light-Emitting Diode, grow lights have increased in popularity over the years. Advancements in technology have changed the grow game. In the past, HPS lights were essentially the only option.

Harvest season is both exciting and daunting, especially when the yield is abundant. And though a good trim is an important step in developing high-quality cannabis, there will no doubt be tons of trim left over after your marijuana harvest. Don’t let any precious trichomes go to waste by using your cannabis trim in creative ways. Now, thanks to advances in cannabis technology, you can now do so efficiently and affordably, and you can stretch your harvest much farther when you do.

Getting lost in all the technical details of LED grow lights? Do you need advice about the best coverage area, spectrum to choose for your grow? Does PPFD and PAR efficiency matter? This article helps you through the options and language used in the details when choosing and purchasing your LED grow light set-up.

Overall, our take on automatic trimmers has been a positive one with several pros outweighing the cons. After all, you're in this business to make money, and one of the ways you can put more money in your pocket is by saving on areas where you can—automatic trimmers seems to offer a win-win scenario by providing a consistently cut quality trim at a higher yield than that of hand trimmers. 

Over and above everything else, automatic bud trimmers are better in the long run. After all, since you are in the business for the money, you certainly want to reduce the cost to a bare minimum. By so doing, you are going to improve your returns on investment all the while reducing the time to market.

Luckily, there are so many options in the market today. As a result, you should have an easy time finding the right automatic trimmer to use in your farm. Whether you trim wet or dry, in the long run, after you have replaced hand trimmers with your automatic machine, you are going to start enjoying higher profits.