Are Spider Farmer Lights Any Good?

About Spider Farmer

Spider Farmer is a Chinese Brand founded in 2009 and has since grown to become one of the most trusted names in the industry. Headquartered in Alhambra, California, Spider Farmer has warehouses located around the globe. 

Spider Farmer is also an official partner with Samsung, which supplies them with their top-of-the-line diodes. These ensure that your plants get some of the best lighting available for optimal growth during their time under your care. Plus, their quantum boards are made out of aluminum and are designed to be extremely durable. At a very affordable price, Spider Farmer's LED grow lights are definitely worth investing in.

But not only grow lights are Spider Farmer's products. They also have a great selection of indoor gardening supplies, including grow tents, carbon filters, and other plant-related accessories.


Spider Farmer SF fixtures contain a combination of 3000K and 5000K white diodes, as well as 660 nm deep red and 760 nm infrared diodes. The white diodes emit light at all wavelengths, with the 3000K diodes emitting redder light and the 5000K diodes emitting blue light. The deep red and infrared (IR) light is particularly beneficial during bloom, when it speeds up flowering time and is claimed to increase yields. 

Coverage and Output

The Spider Farmer lights feature a large surface area and LED diodes spread out over the entire surface which has several advantages over smaller fixtures.

Because a fixture with larger surface area puts diodes closer to the edges of the coverage area, light doesn't have to travel as far to reach the canopy there. It doesn't lose as much of its power, so it can reach further into the canopy. This also means that plants on the edges of the area covered don't have as much trouble with not getting enough light.

A smaller fixture, on the other hand, puts out light from a smaller spot in the middle of the area it covers. Light that goes to the edge of the coverage area has to travel farther than light that goes straight down. This may seem like a small difference, but it makes a huge difference in how well your plants grow and how healthy they are.

There's no doubt that Spider Farmer’s large-coverage grow lights will provide the most penetration and coverage when compared to smaller fixtures. In addition, the driver is dimmable, allowing you to minimize the power when it is not required for seeding, cloning, or vegetative growth. This reduces your electricity expenditures.


How Spider Farmer Stacks Up Against the Competition

Knowing the difference between the best brands of indoor grow kits, as well as their pros and cons, can help you choose which system is right for your needs. In this section, let's see how Spider Farmer compares to the other top brands of grow kits.

Spider Farmer vs AC Infinity

Spider Farmer and AC Infinity are both high-quality brands that have been designed to provide you with everything you need to get started with growing a wide range of plants indoors. They both offer a range of kits, including ones designed specifically for beginners and others that are more advanced. All the components included in their kits are high-quality and will provide you with plenty of nutrients for your plants to thrive on. But when it comes to their grow lights, both have Samsung LM301B LEDs, full spectrum, similar hanging height, and can be daisy-chained. However, Spider Farmer grow lights can only be dimmed by removing the driver and adjusting the screw, which is not ideal for regular use. But when it comes to coverage , the Spider Farmer grow lights offer a much better coverage compared to the AC Infinity.


Spider Farmer vs Mars Hydro

Spider Farmer and Mars Hydro both offer a wide range of grow lights and accessories for indoor growing. Spider Farmer grow lights are extremely energy-efficient, with a high output for the amount of electricity they consume. They utilize newer kinds of diodes and have no cooling fans, which means they don't produce as much heat as other grow lights. In contrast to ordinary grow lights, which produce between 1.5 and 2.5 micromoles per Joule, Spider Farmer produces a remarkable 2.7 micromoles per Joule. While the Mars Hydro lights are towards the top of the efficiency ratings at 2.2 micromoles per Joule, they are still a bit less efficient than those from Spider Farm. But Mars Hydro grow lights are fanless and create minimal heat.


Spider Farmer vs Viparspectra

ViparSpectra and Spider Farmer are two of the market's most popular and recommended brands of quantum board lights (LED grow lights). These brands have been releasing inexpensive grow light models with great efficacy and decent performance. Both of their grow lights, XS1000 and SF1000, are driven by industrial-leading Mean Well drivers—which deliver 94% power efficiency and consume less electricity. However, XS1000 has increased 50%, compared to SF1000 when it comes to output power —which means that it has a higher amount of PAR and PPFD. Moreover, compared to SF1000 LED grow lights, Viparspectra grow lights provide more efficient light penetrations and larger harvests. Additionally, the lifespan of Viparspectra lights is double that of Spider Farmer lights.

Spider Farmer vs Vivosun

Many growers have compared the products and services of these two companies, and found out that Vivosun commonly retails for $50-$70 less than Spider Farmer. Both brands use top-bin Samsung LED chips in their grow lights, but VivoSun's models put out almost 30% more photons and use less power to do so. And when it comes to light efficiency, Vivosun's lights are superior. But for coverage, Spider Farmer lights are the way to go. The brand's lights offer a larger coverage area, which is great for large-scale growers. 

Spider Farmer Warranty

Spider Farmer offers a 30-day warranty on returns and/or replacements. You’ll receive free parts and repairs within 3 months to one year of your purchase. After that, you’ll be able to get repairs and parts up to 5 years after you’ve bought one of Spider Farmer's products. 

What's the Best Spider Farmer Grow Light? 

While the "best" light to recommend depends on several factors such as numbers of plants, grow area, and wattage requirements, there are a few crowd favorites from Spider Farmer's collection fo LED grow lights. 

Here are a few: 



Spider Farmer SE7000 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light


The Spider Farmer SE7000 is a full spectrum, high efficacy grow light designed for maximum yields. It operates at 730 watts with an output of 1920 µmol s-1. It's recommended for grow areas of up to 5 'x 5'.

Thanks to its upgraded 3-channel spectrum, the SE7000 will provide plants with copious amounts of red, blue, and warm light for maximum photosynthesis and yield!

The SE7000 can also linked to up to 30 other LED Grow Lights. This means that you can create a large grow space with optimal lighting coverage and PPFD levels for your plants. 




Spider Farmer SE3000 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light


The Spider Farmer SE3000 is a durable, reliable and professional grow light that is built to last.It covers a grow area of up to 3’x 3′, drawing 300 watts of power. 

The SE3000 is a full-spectrum grow light that's fit to use from veg to bloom. 

The SE3000 has dimming capability as well as the ability to be daisy chained for up to 15 additional units. This means you can use it in conjunction with other lights from this series or any other grow light manufacturer's products. That gives you more flexibility and allows you to build a system that meets your specific needs.




Spider Farmer SE5000 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light


The Spider Farmer SE5000 grow light is a high-quality and affordable full spectrum grow light providing 480 watts for growing plants indoors. It is recommended for grow areas of up to 5" x 5'. 

The Spider Farmer SE5000 also features a 3-channel spectrum that can be adjusted to provide the perfect spectral output at every stage of growth, boosting your plant growth faster and healthier.

The SE5000 features an easy-to-use system that allows you to connect up to 30 lights together. This means you can grow more plants at once, and maximize your space! 



In conclusion, the Spider Farmer quantum board series is a reliable and high-quality product. It has a broad color spectrum, even coverage, and high output per watt consumed. It is generally accepted considered a budget-friendly brand that offers good value for the features it provides when it comes to overall value for money. Overall, Spider Farmer lights are a great product that will help you grow your plants to maturity with ease.