Harvest Right XL Freeze Dryer: What You Need to Know

People in the food industry know the  benefits of freeze-drying for preserving food for long-term storage. Sure, there are other ways of preserving food, such as canning or pickling, but these introduce added flavors and sometimes wash away nutrients and flavors. Aside from that, different preservation methods tend to reduce nutritional content. For instance, dehydrating mushrooms have less vitamin C content than fresh mushrooms. 


Harvest Right Powder Coated X-Large Freeze Dryer


The introduction of freeze-drying in food preservation is a significant game changer. And for large-scale operations, having the right tool to make large batches of preserved foods with a freeze dryer is a game changer. The  Harvest Right X-Large Freeze Dryer ups the ante for large batches of food for preservation. It has long been in  the freeze-dryer market, and it’s not prepared to rest on its laurels with its latest offering.


Xtra Large Features 


Harvest Right Powder Coated X-Large Freeze Dryer



The Harvest Right XL freeze dryer can handle up to 32 pounds of food per batch, equating to around 5,000 pounds, or almost 1,100 gallons per year. This freeze dryer can help you reach your production targets for large-scale food production. 

At the core of the X-Large freeze dryer is the Smart Freeze technology, which makes the whole process effortless. All you need to do is put your food inside the freeze dryer and press start on the full-color touchscreen. The Smart Freeze Technology ensures that your food is preserved properly and will stop when it senses that it is freeze-dried. 

Aiding the process of the X-Large freeze dryer is an easy-to-maintain oil pump, which comes with every purchase. This oil pump drains quickly, and changing its oil can be done in just minutes. It takes about 20 cycles on the X-Large freeze dryer before changing it. 

Aside from the vacuum oil pump, the X-Large freeze dryer includes oil, an oil filter, six stainless steel trays measuring 11 x 30 inches, Mylar bags, oxygen absorbers, and an Impulse sealer. You also get a free guide to freeze drying, so you’re all set to use the X-Large freeze dryer when it arrives on your doorstep. 

You should know that the X-Large freeze dryer is meant for food preservation rather than pharmaceutical applications such as making bubble hash. Thus, looking at the  pharmaceutical-grade freeze dryers by Harvest Right would be best in this field. 

Can You Use the X-Large Freeze Dryer for Curing Cannabis? 

You can use the X Large freezer dryer for cannabis curing. However, you will need to upgrade the firmware of the freeze dryer to get the freeze dryer setting. 

Using the X Large freeze dryer improves the drying process of your buds and will allow you to increase profits and save on space. You won’t need drying and curing spaces, as you can cure your buds in a few days. The result will be a fully-cured material that preserves all the trichomes and does not compromise the appearance. And if you haven’t heard, you can also use freeze dryers to create higher-quality bubble hash. Imagine all the bubble hash you can quickly dry with the X Large freeze dryer. 


Should You Get It? 

The Harvest Right XL Freeze Dryer could be a suitable option for those who have larger households, plan to use the machine frequently, or those who wish to increase their production of freeze-dried food for commercial purposes; this machine's larger capacity can certainly the demands of an expanding market. Also, if you expect to freeze-dry more frequently than you currently do, upgrading to the XL model may be worth considering. However, it's essential to take into account the initial cost of the machine, as well as ongoing expenses like maintenance and electricity. Ultimately, carefully evaluating your specific needs and resources will help you determine whether purchasing the Harvest Right XL Freeze Dryer would be a beneficial investment. All things taken into consideration, the answer is a resounding—yes.