CenturionPro GC Mini Bucker and HP Tabletop Bucker: A Small Growers Friend

CenturionPro GC Mini Bucker and HP Tabletop Bucker: A Small Growers Friend

If you’re a small-time cannabis grower, chances are, you’ve shied away from investing in machines to help process your harvest. After all, you’re not processing buds by the hundreds, and buying another machine is just another added expense to your operational costs, considering how much automatic machines cost nowadays.

CenturionPro, one of the leading brands in automated solutions for cannabis growers, left no stone unturned in developing solutions for cannabis growers. Centurion Pro developed automated solutions even for small-scale operations: the GC Mini and HP Tabletop to balance its high-capacity machine offerings.



GC Mini Bucker 


CenturionPro GC Mini Bucker Hemp Debudder & Bucking Machine



Building on the success of the GC1 Bucker, the GC Mini Bucker was designed for small-scale operations while maintaining an affordable price point. Carrying the same gentle cut from the same GC series, the GC Mini Bucker gently cuts, not pull, stems off your buds.

The GC Mini Bucker has a hole size to cut stems up to 3/8 inches in diameter. The GC Mini Bucker also features a 0.5 HP motor that can cut up to 20 pounds of fresh buds in an hour. Because of its small motor, the GC Mini Bucker improves portability and takes up less space in your workspace. Space is valuable, especially for small-scale operations, and with the size of the GC Mini Bucker, you can quickly maximize any limited space you may have.

In terms of maintenance, the GC Mini Bucker doesn’t need much. And for peace of mind, this mini bucker comes with a two-year warranty.



HP Tabletop Bucker 


CenturionPro HP TableTop Bucker Hemp Debudder & Bucking Machine


For small-scale growers looking for more power, the  HP Tabletop Bucker delivers more power to help you de-stem larger quantities of buds. The HP Mini Bucker was patterned after the  HP1 Bucker from CenturionPro.

Unlike the GC Mini Bucker, the HP Tabletop Bucker “pulls” the buds off the stem yet still ensures the quality of your buds. With this method, the HP Tabletop Bucker can de-stem more buds at 75 pounds an hour for fresh and 15 pounds for dry buds. With variable speed control, you can easily adjust the settings of the HP Tabletop Bucker to adapt to the state of your buds.

The HP Tabletop Bucker also comes with three feed holes that allow you to handle stems up to 1/2 inch in size. This tabletop bucker also uses stainless steel and anodized aluminum, which makes it easy to clean.

The HP Tabletop Bucker emphasizes power in a small package. With a 0.33 HP motor, the HP Tabletop Bucker also takes up a small amount of space, which we all know is a luxury for small-scale operations.

You can also maximize the HP Tabletop Bucker by adding a stand, which allows you to give this machine space to sit on when you use it. And the nice thing about this stand is that it has a set of wheels that allow you to move it around your workspace.

The HP Tabletop Bucker comes with a five-year warranty.




Owning automatic machines should not be just another expense for small-scale operations. They’re more than that. Having an automated machine does wonders, even for small-scale operations. They should be treated as an investment that quickly pays for itself.

If you’re looking to up the ante with your capabilities, consider getting the GC Mini or HP Tabletop Bucker. For those who prioritize precision, the GC Mini Bucker should be on your list, while the HP Tabletop is best for those who want to process more in an hour.

In any case, investing in any of these buckers is something you’ll thank yourself for later on.