Twister T4 vs Twister T6

Battle of the Trimmers: Twister T4 vs Twister T6


Twister T4

Twister T6

Type of Trimmer: Wet and Dry Type of Trimmer: Wet and Dry
Wet Capacity: 15 pounds Wet Capacity: 10 pounds
Dry Capacity: 3 pounds Dry Capacity: 2 pounds
Blade Material: D2 hardened steel blade Blade Material: Nitrided Steel blade
Number of Blades: 7 Number of Blades: 6
Tumbler Material: Stainless steel Tumbler Material: Stainless steel
Tumbler Diameter: 5.5 inches Tumbler Diameter: 4 inches

Twister T4 Pros:

  • Can be chained with other T4 trimmers for increased outputs
  • Portable
  • Comes with speed control

Twister T4 Cons:

  • Needs a stand to use

Twister T6 Pros:

  • Tabletop design makes it easy to use almost anywhere

Twister T6 Cons:

  • Does not have speed control 

     Less options for accessories


The Twister T4 and Twister T6 are some of the best bud trimmers in the market for those looking at mobility. Both are lightweight, given their power and capacity, and can fit at the back of most cars. If moving around matters to you, then the T4 and T6 should be on your shortlist.

The T4 was designed mainly for medium-scale growers. With a capacity of 23 pounds for wet, and 7 pounds dry, the T4 is the ideal partner for those ramping up their capabilities, with its options for expansion. The T4 also has a leaf collector to keep things tidy and ensures the proper trim every time, with its built-in speed control.

The T6, meanwhile, is a no-frills bud trimmer meant for the home grower. If you’re looking to give your backyard harvest a good trim, then the T6 is the best for you. The T6 features a trimming capacity of up to ten pounds wet and two pounds dry. It also comes with a leaf collector. Unfortunately, there aren’t any accessories available to expand the trimmer’s capabilities.

Between the two, the T6 is the best option for a plug-and-play machine. There’s isn’t much tinkering to do, and it’s ready to use out of the box. But suppose you’re looking at modular designs, significantly when expanding your capabilities. In that case, the T4 is the better choice since it offers to combine with other T4 trimmers and accessories to maximize the machine.