Trimpro Unplugged vs Spinpro

Battle of the Trimmers: Trimpro Unplugged vs SpinPro


Trimpro Unplugged

Spinpro Manual Trimmer

Type of Trimmer: Wet Type of Trimmer: Wet
Wet Capacity:  2 pounds Wet Capacity: 15 pounds
Blade Material: Stainless Steel Blade Material: Steel
NTumbler Material: Stainless steel Grill Material: Steel

Trimpro Unplugged  Pros:

  • Handles buds gently with leather fingers
  • Has an extra handle for support

Trimpro Unplugged Cons:

  • Does not have any cover

SpinPro Pros:

  • Compact

SpinPro Cons

  • Needs cleaning often


Sometimes, manual trimmers are the king, especially when you need to be more discrete. You want less noise, as not to disturb others when trimming, and that’s where manually cranked trimmers, like the Trimpro Unplugged and the Spinpro, shine.  

The Trimpro Unplugged features a two-pound trimming capacity for wet buds. To ensure gentle handling of your buds, the Trimpro Unplugged uses leather fingers to move them around the grill. On top of that, there are a lot of accessories available aftermarket if you need a replacement.

The Spinpro, meanwhile, comes with a 1.5-trimming capacity. It’s a cheaper alternative to the Trimpro Unplugged and is widely available on many eCommerce websites. The Spin is quite straight to the point, so you won’t need much from the manual to operate.

The Trimpro Unplugged is best for those who want assurance of gentle handling of buds. The Spinpro, meanwhile, is for those who want a more affordable service.