Spider Farmer vs Mars Hydro

Spider Farmer vs Mars Hydro



If you're looking for a grow light to help your plants thrive, you've come to the right place. We've examined two of the top grow lights on the market (Spider Farmer vs Mars Hydro), and we'll tell you everything you need to know about them. So without further ado, let's get started!

Since its founding in 2009, the Chinese company Spider Farmer has developed into one of the most reputable brands in the sector. Additionally, they have a formal partnership with Samsung, which provides them with premium diodes. These make sure that while they are in your care, your plants receive some of the best lighting available for optimum growth. Additionally, the aluminum construction of their quantum boards makes them incredibly robust. 

Similar to Spider Farmer, Mars Hydro also started in 2009. One of its best features is that Mars Hydro has its own team to conduct product research, design, development, production, and testing. They have been steadily enhancing their grow light products over the past five years by utilizing double ball bearing fans, 3-watt single chip, 5-watt single chip, and reflector designs. They also implement the best spectrum and IDS-integrated technology to create the best lights possible.

But when it comes to price range, which brand do you think has the best value for money? 

The price range for Spider Farmer LED grow lights is $160 for the SF-1000 and $590 for the SF-4000. The smallest size, the SF-1000, covers a 2 by 2-foot area and can only support one cannabis plant, while the largest size, the SF-4000, covers a 5 by 5-foot area. Mars Hydro grow lights, on the other hand, are more reasonably priced, with models ranging from $80 for the TS-600 to $380 for the TS-3000. The TS-600 covers a 2 by 2-foot area, while the TS-3000 covers a 5 by 5-foot area, making the size comparison reasonable. 

With the same size coverage, it may seem that Mars Hydro grow lights are more affordable than Spider Farmer LED grow lights. Clearly, Mars Hydro took the next step to develop a grow light that is as affordable as possible while still being effective.

But what about the quality of light? How efficient are Mars Hydro grow lights compared to Spider Farmer?

At 2.2 micromoles per joule, the Mars Hydro lights are at the top of the efficiency ratings, but they still fall short of the Spider Farm lights. Additionally, they don't use fans and only generate a little heat. While using more recent diodes and not using cooling fans, Spider Farmer lights are extremely energy-efficient. The Spider Farmer produces an impressive 2.7 micromoles per Joule, whereas the majority of grow lights range from 1.5 to 2.5 micromoles per Joule. We all know that higher micromoles per Joule mean more light for your plants. And more light for your plants results in better yields at harvest time. As a result, Spider Farmer is the winner in terms of efficiency.

And lastly, let's talk about their light spectrum.

The Spider Farmer lights distribute their light far more uniformly than other comparable LED grow lights—their intensity hardly drops off, even when compared to competitors' products. That's because their lights are full-spectrum lighting and have Samsung diodes and additional wavelengths that can significantly enhance cannabis growth.

Despite the fact that Mars Hydro lights primarily use white light, research indicates that other wavelengths are better for promoting growth. But Mars Hydro’s spectrum is even and consistently bright. However, red and blue light is more readily absorbed by plants. As a result, while using a grow light with white light LEDs may be effective, it does not always ensure the best outcomes.

As a result, Spider Farmer triumphs in terms of light uniformity. Its lighting is full-spectrum and utilizes Samsung diodes. Additionally, it has other wavelengths that can significantly improve cannabis growth.

Overall, Spider Farmer and Mars Hydro are great to grow lights brands. Both have a lot of great features, and both will improve your cannabis growth. Both brands also offer the same 3-year warranty for their products and offer excellent customer service. They even have good reviews online, especially on Amazon.

However, there are some differences between them that can help you decide which is best for you. If you want to have to grow lights that are cheaper but still do the same job, then go for Mars Hydro. But if you're seeking maximum efficiency and light that features full-spectrum, then Spider Farmer is the brand for you. Nevertheless, either option is still a good choice. Just pick whatever fits your budget and needs.