NextLight Mega vs HLG 550

Battle of the Grow Lights: NextLight Mega vs HLG 550

Nextlight Mega

Nextlight Mega

HLG 550R

HLG 550r

Power Consumption: 650 Watts Power Consumption: 645 Watts
Spectrum: Full-spectrum Spectrum: Full-spectrum
Total PPF Output: 1650 µmol/s Total PPF Output: 1272 µmol/s

PAR Efficiency: 2.6 µmol/j 

PAR Efficiency: 2.65 µmol/j 
Voltage: 120-277 V Voltage: 120-277 V
Warranty: 5 Year Warranty: 5 Years

NextLight Mega Pros:

  • Works well in commercial applications
  • Long lifespan

NextLight Mega Cons:

  • Not suitable for beginners who have small growing spaces.

HLG 550r Pros:


  • Best for growers who have small coverage area

HLG 550r Cons:

  • The light is not very bright and will not work well in large growing spaces. 
  • No longer available in the market



Grow lights are an important part of any indoor gardening setup. They allow you to grow plants in your home, even during the winter months when the sun is not out.

Grow lights can be expensive, and they come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Some are designed to fit into standard light fixtures; others are designed to hang from the ceiling. Some have built-in fans; others do not. And some have built-in timers, while others require manual adjustment.

With all of this variety, how do you choose the best grow light for your needs? Let's take a look at two popular brands: HLG and NextLight Mega.

The NextLight Mega and the HLG 550r are both great options for growers looking to replace 1000W HPS lighting. Both models have similar features, but there are some differences in their performance.

First, the HLG 550r comes in a 3500K spectrum, which means it has more reds than blues. This will help your plants grow faster and produce high-quality flowers.

On the other hand, the NextLight Mega produces a high intensity full spectrum white light that is perfect for growers looking to cover larger areas using less power. This makes it a great choice for growers who want to use less energy but still get the same amount of performance as other grow lights on the market today!

Regarding their coverage area, the Mega covers a 5 ft x 5 ft flower footprint and a 7 ft x 7 ft veg footprint. While HLG 550 4' x 5' for flowering area and 6' x 6' for vegatative area. 

The HLG 550 is a great light for medium grow spaces. It's perfect for growers who want to keep their energy bills low and use a smaller area efficiently. Meanwhile, the NextLight Mega is also great for large-area coverage and can be used in any size growing space with ease.

Both lights are great for growers at all skill levels, but the extra coverage area of the NextLight Mega makes it a better choice for commercial growers and large spaces.

However, HLG 550 is no longer available in the market. It has been discontinued for quite some time. So, if you're looking for a replacement light, then you should consider the NextLight Mega. The NextLight Mega is a great light for all growers, from beginners to commercial growers. It's versatile and can be used in any size growing space with ease.