HLG 650r vs NextLight Mega

Battle of the Grow Lights: HLG 650r vs NextLight Mega


HLG 650r

Nextlight Mega

Nextlight Mega

Power Consumption: 630 Watts Power Consumption:650Watts
Spectrum: Full-spectrum Spectrum: Full-spectrum
Total PPF Output:1781 µmol/s Total PPF Output: 1650 µmol/s

PAR Efficiency:2.84 µmol/j 

PAR Efficiency: 2.6 µmol/j 
Voltage: 120-277 V Voltage: 120-277 V
Warranty: 5 Year Warranty: 5 Years

HLG 650r Pros:

  • Lighter PAR Output
  • Premium diodes by Samsung and other durable components
  • Low price yet competitive in performance

HLG 650r Cons:

  • Not ideal for low ceilings

Nextlight Mega Pros:


  • Offers a large coverage area

Nextlight MegaCons:

  • Pricey
  • Has lower PAR value



Grow light hunting?

HLG 650r and NextLight Mega might have been the answer to your problem.

You’ve probably heard of the HLG 650r grow light by now — as the brand itself has been making waves in the grow light industry for quite some time now. But how about the NextLight Mega?

In this review, let's see what this light has to offer and how it compares with the HLG 650r.

NextLight Mega and HLG 650R are two competing grow lights that both support full-cycle plant growth. However, they each have their own unique features and benefits. NextLight Mega is a high intensity fixture used for horizontal or multi-layer commercial grows, greenhouses, grow rooms, low rooms and tents. It produces a bright, full-spectrum white light that is converted to heat within the leaves, requiring lower environmental temperatures. This is beneficial for those who need to reduce the heat in their grow room.

On the other hand, HLG 650R Samsung LM301H LEDs are designed to illuminate plants with a spectrum of 4000K. This spectrum is designed to enhance both blue and red wavelengths, making it excellent for full-cycle cannabis plant growth. No doubt that HLG 650r is highly capable for making plants flower and produce fruit because of its high-quality red and blue LEDs. It also has the highest PAR value at 1781 µmol/s, which is great for growing plants from seed to harvest.

The Mega's coverage area is 5 ft x 5 ft for flowering and 7 ft x 7 ft for vegetative. The 650R, meanwhile, covers 5' x5' during the flower stage of growth but expands to cover an impressive 7'x7′ when plants are vegging out. It's hard to decide which of the two lights provides better coverage because they both provide 5' x5′ or 7'x7′ areas.

But let's take a look at their PAR values. The Mega has a PAR value of 1650 µmol/s, while the 650R has a PAR value of 1781 µmol/s. This indicates that the 650R offers a slightly better lighting experience than the Mega. But when it comes to the price, HLG 650r is the winner. It's got a cheaper price tag than the Mega, and it offers a better PAR value. The HLG 650r is a smart choice for those looking for an economical yet efficient light that can deliver excellent results.

Both grow lights come with a 5 year warranty so you can rest assured that your investment is well protected. NextLight Mega and HLG 650r surely offer a great value for your money. But if you want to get the best of both worlds, the HLG 650r is the way to go.