Gavita 1700e vs Luxx 645

Battle of the Grow Lights: Gavita 1700e vs Luxx 645


Gavita 1700e

Gavita 1700e

Luxx 645

Luxx 645

Power Consumption: 645 Watts Power Consumption: 645 Watts
Spectrum: Full-spectrum 3000k + 660nm reds Spectrum: Full-spectrum 3000k
Total PPF Output:1700 µmol/s Total PPF Output: 1800 µmol/s

PAR Efficiency:2.6 µmol/j 

PAR Efficiency: 2.8 µmol/j 
Voltage: 120-277 V Voltage: 120-240 V
Warranty: 5 Year Warranty: 5 Years

Gavita 1700e Pros:

  • More light output
  • Lasts for 100,000 hours

Gavita 1700e Cons:

  • Only suitable with Gavita Controller
  • Costly

Luxx 645 Pros:

  • Higher light efficacy
  • More affordable

Luxx 645 Cons:

  •  Has more weight

  • Lasts for only 54,000 hours


Gavita 1700e and Luxx 645 paves the way for better harvests. With so many similarities, how do these two models differ? Let’s take a closer look at their features and specifications to find out.

In terms of grow light output, the Luxx 645 LED has a solid 1727 umol/s, while Gavita has a slightly higher 1745 umol/s. Due to the fact that cannabis photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) requirements range between 700 and 800 mol m-2 s-1, we'll call this light output comparison a tie because both LED lights are capable of achieving robust flowering objectives.

For coverage, the Gavita 1700e and Luxx 645 both offer 7x7 square foot coverage in vegetation while 5x5 coverage in flowering. Plus, you can cultivate a crop from seedling to harvest in the same grow rack using either Luxx LEDs or Gavita LEDs because they cover the entire plant growth cycle.

How your plant grows is determined by selecting the appropriate light spectrum or adjusting the channels of your grow light controller. Both the Luxx 645 Pro LED and Gavita 1700e produce extremely comparable light quality. The Luxx uses a spectrum of 3900 Kelvin, whereas the Gavita uses 3000 Kelvin with 660 nanometer red diodes from Osram to balance out its spectrum for full-cycle production. 

Because of the additional 660 nm red diodes, the Gavita 1700e accelerates photosynthesis and boosts plant expansion by aligning with the absorption peak of chlorophylls in Cannabis, which perform photosynthesis to make sugars and carbons1, the building blocks of plant cells. Indeed, there is little difference between these fixtures in terms of spectral performance, making them both suitable for growing at any growth stage.

Both the Gavita 1700e and Luxx 645 LED are passively cooled, which eliminates the need for dust-collecting fans. Aside from that, they both have an adjustable mounting height that allows growers to customize the distance between their plants and the light source.

When it comes to the price, the Gavita 1700e is more expensive than the Luxx 645 LED. However, the price difference is not that significant and it can be justified by the fact that Gavita 1700e uses better materials and has a longer lifespan than its competitor. Gavita 1700e has a lifespan of 100,000 hours while Luxx 645 only lasts for 54,000 hours.

Overall, these full-cycle grow lights are well-designed and function exceptionally well. With identical features and benefits, such as useful rated lifespan and 5-year warranties, choosing between the two is a matter of personal preference.