Trimleaf: Cultivating Commercial Success: Equipment Financing for Businesses

Cultivating Commercial Success: Equipment Financing for Businesses

Unlock the full potential of your operation with Trimleaf's equipment financing parter, APPROVE. Connect with the nation's leading equipment finance companies, all competing to provide the best solutions for your growing needs. Whether you're nurturing an indoor garden, expanding a commercial growing operation, or advancing in extraction and post-processing techniques, Trimleaf is your ally in business development.

sow the seeds of success with the right financing tailored to your unique agricultural and processing endeavors. With Trimleaf, every stage of your operation, from cultivation to the final product, has the financial support to flourish.

Build Your Finance Application

Add the equipment you wish to finance and click 'Continue' when complete. Our 60 second application process is quick and easy!

Financing starting at $1,500 is offered specifically for businesses that are incorporated.

How APPROVE works:

  1. APPROVE will analyze your application and route it to the best lenders - up to 3 may work your application at a time.
  2. APPROVE lenders know they are competing, so they are motivated to work quickly and present their best offers.
  3. You’ll receive multiple offers from up to 3 competing lenders. Choose the best one and get your equipment.

Why finance with APPROVE?

  • More lenders offers the best approval chances
  • Competition drives lenders' lowest rates
  • Choices make informed decisions easy