Dulytek DM800 vs Nugsmasher Mini

Battle of the Rosin Presses: Dulytek DM800 vs Nugsmasher Mini


Dulytek DM 800

Nugsmasher Mini

Pressure Available: 1350 pounds Pressure Available: 2000 pounds
Type of Press: Manual Type of Press: Manual
Heating Plate Size: 2.5 x 3 inches Heating Plate Size: 2.5 x 2.5 inches
Maximum Temperature: 356 degrees Fahrenheit Maximum Temperature: 356 degrees Fahrenheit
Material Capacity: 3 grams Material Capacity: 3 grams
Extraction Bag Size: 2 x 3 inch bag Extraction Bag Size: 2 x 3 inch bag

Dulytek DM800 Pros:

  • Includes magnets to hold parchment paper
  • Lighter at 10 pounds

Dulytek DM800 Cons:

  • Lower squish and material capacity

    Nugsmasher Mini Pros:

    • Higher squish and material capacity
    • More extraction bag options

    Nugsmasher Mini Cons:

    • Heavier at 25.6 pounds


    The Dulytek DM800 and the Nugsmasher Miniare two of the smallest manual rosin extractors in the market today. Both compact in size, you’ll be surprised at how much they can press in one go. So, which one is for you?

    The Dulytek DM800 features a squishing capacity of up to 1350 pounds. With 2.5 x 3-inch plates, this rosin press can heat its heating plates to up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The DM800 also features a 3-gram capacity per press and is light at only 10 pounds.

    The Nugsmasher Mini, meanwhile, features a 2,000-pound squishing capacity. While its heating plates are slightly smaller, it can extract from up to 7 grams of material in one press. The Nugsmasher Mini also features more options for rosin bag sizes.

    While both rosin presses are meant for portability, the Dulytek DM800 has an edge with its lighter and more compact form factor. The Nugsmasher Mini, however, offers more pressure and material capacity.