What Is Live Rosin And How To Make Live Rosin

Live rosin is a topic often discussed in the extraction community due to its benefits, such as being pure, with no chemicals added. 

The demand has grown over time, especially with how much safer these extracts are. Even with the tedious process of producing the Bubble Hash, the most crucial component in extracting live rosin, it still has strong demand. 

So what makes live rosin special? 


What Is Live Rosin?

Live rosin is the extracts from freshly full melt bubble hash. It contains more terpenes and is extracted without any chemicals or solvents. 

Since the buds are frozen, the metabolic process that degrades plants is halted, preserving the pungent monoterpenes present in fresh cannabis. 

Extracting live rosin produces more oil than usual. It has a lighter color compared to rosin, and is usually bright yellow to off-white.


Note that live rosin and live resin are different. While both are extracts, what sets them apart is the use of solvents in extracting the oil. 

Live rosin has many benefits, such as having no residual solvents, safer to produce, higher potency, cheap, and versatility. These advantages have increased usage and demand from cannabis consumers. 


What Can You Do With Live Rosin?

There are a lot of things you can do with live rosin. These include using them with vapes, mixed with your tea or salad dressing, or even used on a joint. 

Since these are chemical-free, the possibilities to consume live rosin are endless. Just don’t mix it with artificial ingredients, which defeat the purpose of extracting live rosin. 


How Do You Make Live Rosin?

The secret to good live rosin is making sure your bubble hash is of good quality.You would want something abundant with terpene and trichome. 

Bubble hash is the result of your freshly cut cannabis being freeze-dried. To create it, you need: 


  • 14 pounds of ice 
  • Dried cannabis (bud or trim)
  • Bubble Hash Bags with a 25-micron drying sheet (ideally all-mesh). These have different micron measurements. 
  • 220-micron filter hand washing bag,
  • Two (2) buckets
  • A metal tablespoon
  • A sink and a sprayer, for clean up after
  • Hand washer to mix the hash water. You can use a basin spatula or electric drill with a paint mixer, but it may take more time. 


  1. Set your 25-micron drying screen(s) on some paper towels and set them aside. This is where you will put the hash to dry later. 
  2. Put 1/3 of your ice into the hand washer. Put your cannabis inside the hand wash bag and the hand-washer and another third of ice on top. Make sure to seal the bag tightly, or else the cannabis will spill out. 
  3. Put the remaining ice in the machine. Fill up with water until it reaches the least amount needed. Don’t put too much as the ice will melt and result in too much water inside. 
  4. Set your machine to mix the cannabis for 12 minutes and wait for the cycle to finish. 
  5. Let the machine rest for 10 minutes to the trichomes that can sink to the bottom. 
  6. Grab a bucket and put your bubble bags inside. Start with the lowest micron, until you reach the highest micron. 
  7. Drain the washer into the bucker with the micron bags. Pull up the outermost bag after the machine is drained, and put it in another bucket. 
  8. Get your sprayer to wash the hash towards the center of the bag. Gently pull the edges of the bag down so that the bag rises to the top. Get your metal spoon and gather the wet hash and place it on the drying screen. 
  9. Repeat this process of collecting hash for the remaining bags. Repeat the whole process of extraction for larger bits. 
  10. Once done, use the spoon to chop the hash into tiny portions and let them dry up for 30 minutes. Repeat this process twice to make sure they dry up properly. 


A tip: you can also use a paper coffee filter to help you absorb water. Just fold the coffee filter twice, and press on the hash. The filter will absorb the water, but the hash will not stick. 


Your bubble hash will be ready in 1 or 2 days. 

Remember,it is important that you properly dry your bubble hash, as it prevents clumping and mold formations. 


Once your bubble hash is ready, you can now proceed to extract the live rosin. 

To extract the live rosin, you need to have: 



Place the hash inside the filter bag. Get a sheet of parchment paper, fold it, and put the bagged bubble hash inside the folded paper. 

Set the temperature, depending on your machine and quantity of bubble hash,  and press the bag to extract the live rosin. Ideally, you would not want to go beyond 220 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The extracts that flow onto the parchment paper are the live rosin. Repeat this process until done. Scrape off the extracts and store them in airtight silicone containers, stored away from harsh conditions to prolong its life.