What is Live Resin?

What is Live Resin?

You’ve probably heard of the term Live Resin and how experts say it’s the best form of cannabis extract. Well, there is truth to that. You see, Live Resin is what many would say is the best quality of a plant brought out and served on a silver platter. It’s highly potent, and you’ll probably ask yourself why you never bothered going for it.

So what should you know about Live Resin?



What is Live Resin? 


Live Resin


In a nutshell, Live Resin is a form of cannabis concentrate that contains one of the highest concentrations of natural flavors and cannabinoids. It’s derived by freezing the freshly trimmed cannabis buds for 1.5 days then defrosted before extraction.

The term live is taken from the plants still being fresh from harvest. The rationale behind the freezing of buds is to stop the metabolic process and reduce the degradation of plant material, just like how groceries sell frozen fruits for near-future use.

This extraction technique is attributed to William “Kind Bill” Fenger, who teamed up with an entrepreneur known as Giddy Up to develop this revolutionary extraction technique. While Fenger is not the first person to try freezing buds, he’s acknowledged as the mind behind the perfection of this technique.

According to Fenger, he pursued this technique, considering that up to 95 percent of terpenes are lost from harvest to curing. He added that the aroma from freshly trimmed buds is quite powerful and would be good to have in an extract. Fenger also said that perfecting live resin extraction did not come overnight and took plenty of trial and errors to develop the proper technique. And while Fenger is recognized for coming up with the best results, he added that he’s glad that many people are using his technique, which makes more Live Resin available for everyone.



The Differences of Live Resin

Live resin is different from other bud processing systems, given the potency of the extracts and handling of the buds towards extraction. Unlike the traditional drying and curing methods that take weeks before extraction, Live Resin only takes 36 hours of freezing and hours of thawing before your buds are ready for extraction.

Meanwhile, Freeze Drying is also different from the freezing process in Live Resin, as the former takes your buds to a crumbly state that’s ready for extraction. The process may take just as long, but Live Resin will still have better results than extracts from freeze-drying.


Live Resin or Rosin?

Live Resin and Rosin are perhaps two of the best concentrates you can derive from your buds. And while both are potent as it is, there are noticeable differences during the extraction process. As noted previously, Live Resin is taken from flash-frozen and freshly trimmed buds. Resin, meanwhile, needs buds to be cured before you can even extract something powerful.

Live Resin is taken from a closed-loop system with a sub-zero butane or propane solution, while Resin is extracted using a rosin press heated to the proper levels and with the right amount of pressure.

Perhaps the most notable difference between the two is the purity. Live resin uses butane or propane in the extraction process, making it possible for contamination during the extraction process. Rosin, meanwhile, uses a rosin press to extract from the buds. This system does not need any special chemical to get the concentrates out, making it ideal for those who want a clean substance.



How to get Live Resin

Live resin is derived by freezing buds for at least 36 hours and taking it out for thawing when you plan to extract the resin.There are two options for freezing the buds:

  • Buds may be dipped in liquid nitrogen
  • Buds may be cooled using dry ice

Once the cannabis is ready for extraction, the Live Resin is extracted through a closed-loop system, wherein the solvents used are also set to at least -40 degrees Celsius.

Carbon Dioxide may also be used for extracting.

An advantage of Live Resin extraction is being able to skip winterization and filtration. But you still need to remove the solvents used in extracting. The process is similar to the usual solvent extraction, wherein a vacuum allows for a lower boiling point to evaporate the solvents. The purging time of these solvents depends on your end product, which will be discussed next.

Most importantly, the process of Live Resin extraction involves using dangerous chemicals and machines, which is why it is best left to an expert. While Live Resin was meant to be enjoyed by many, the extraction process is not for everybody, unlike rosin extraction.



Live Resin products


Live Resin Products

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Depending on the final phases you take, Live Resin can be used to create Badder, Sauce, Pull & Snap, Waxes, and Sugar. Many Live Resin enthusiasts prefer consuming Live Resin through vaping or dabbing. Likewise, Live Resin will also cost more than your usual extracts.




Live Resin is best for those who want a potent material but don’t mind the intoxicating kick that comes when consuming this extract. It also comes with a steeper price, considering the flavor and the process to extract it. That said, if you want the best extracts for vaping or dabbing, then Live Resin is for you.