Top 10 Most Searched for Weed Strains

Top 10 Most Searched for Weed Strains

Do you know the current trend in weed strains? If you haven’t heard, there are over 700 cannabis strains available right now, a lot of which is a product of different efforts to crossbreed existing strains.

Growers crossbreed these strains in the hope of creating a new strain that combines traits or improves its characteristics, such as potency, aromas, yields, among others. But with so many strains now, which ones are the most popular now? This article curates the top ten most searched weed strains and why people are looking for them.



Wedding Cake


Wedding Cake


A combination of the Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie, the Wedding Cake is an Indica-based strain known for its high THC content. The Wedding Cake exhibits this vanilla scent with a blend of earth and pepper aromas when it comes to flavors. Upon tasting, you feel a light pepper taste, which gets replaced with an earthier flavor. When you make the smoke or vapor linger a little longer, you’ll notice the vanilla flavors coming out. And once you exhale, you get this sweet after taste.

The Wedding Cake is known for its relaxing effects. From the temples, you’ll feel light pressure roll down to your body, reducing tightness in the muscle and allowing users to move quickly.

The Wedding Cake also gives a high that clears your mind and improves your mood. You’ll feel happy as it mitigates any anxiety you might have. If you have a low tolerance for THC, it’s best to take this in moderation, as it has above-average levels.

While there are notable benefits, the Wedding Cake strain also has its share of adverse reactions, such as the usual dry eyes and cottonmouth, but with light results for those who frequently use this strain. If it’s your first time, staying dehydrated can help overcome the effects. Another possible reaction would be dizziness and a feeling of paranoia. That is the reason why moderation is much-needed.

If you’re considering this for medicinal use, the high THC levels are perfect for controlling moods, emotions and keeping signs of depression and PTSD at bay. It also stimulates appetite and can help people with eating disorders, such as anorexia. For those who have insomnia, the Wedding Cake strain makes you relax to the point of sleepiness. You can expect a better quality of sleep with this strain.



Blue Dream


Blue Dream


For those wanting a strain that focuses on relaxation, the Blue Dream strain takes you to a whole new level of calm with its effects. The Blue Dream imbues happy vibes, gives motivation, and encourages creativity to the consumer. Many cannabis consumers in the creative field use it to generate ideas for outputs. Some even include the Blue Dream as a brainstorming tool.

What sets it apart from other cannabis strains is that it keeps you up while relaxing your mind. You won’t feel stress, but you feel that push for productivity. You can say its psychoactive effects are not on the aggressive side. The Blue Dream is known for its fruity scent, often described as a combination of blueberry, vanilla with a hint of mango.

The scent of the Blue Dream is also its taste. You’re bound to have this berry taste with a bit of herb and spices, and matched with few sour notes, balance the flavors of the Blue Dream. These flavor combinations make it a perfect match to the relaxing vibe that the Blue Dream gives you.

While relaxing and all, the Blue Dream does have some reactions. These include blurred visions caused by dehydration and a feeling of tiredness. While mileage may vary, these side effects are often attributed to consuming large quantities. The medical benefit of this strain is its mild high, which is a good option for those who don’t want aggressive psychoactive effects to relieve pain.



Strawberry Cough


Strawberry Cough


The Strawberry Cough is another strain that leans towards less psychoactive effects on the consumer. It doesn’t have immediate effects, but when it starts kicking in, you’ll find yourself having a jolt and stand up and get active. If you’re looking for something to pick you up after a tiring day, then Strawberry Cough is the answer.

Now, Strawberry Cough gets its name from what you’re likely to experience during the first puff: coughing. You’re likely to cough on the first few tries, but when the effects start kicking in, you’re going to enjoy every bit of it.

The Strawberry Cough is notable for its fresh strawberry scent with a mix of herbs and is oozing with sweetness. A puff gives you that sweet taste with a berry aftertaste. There’s also an earthy spice with the smoke as it lingers inside.

Like other strains, Strawberry Cough does have side effects, coughing being the most notable. Aside from that, this strain is known to bring a dry mouth and eyes, leading to more coughing. It’s highly advised to have water on standby to help subside these effects.

There are also some rare effects, including slight headaches and a little dizziness. Strawberry Cough is a popular option to treat stress. It helps you slow down your mind, so you can easily focus. This focusing benefit is helpful for those who have ADD and ADHD. For those suffering from depression, Strawberry Cough helps induce happier thoughts. You can also use Strawberry Cough to treat pain and nausea for cancer patients. This strain encourages a healthy appetite after chemotherapy and radiation.



Gorilla Glue


Gorilla Glue


The Gorilla Glue strain is known for its massive effects. Like the huge animal, the effects the Gorilla Glue brings to consumers hit hard, although mileage varies based on tolerance.

For one, the Gorilla Glue is known for delivering a tiring yet clear-headed feeling that slows and calms you. If you’re looking for something to end the day, the Gorilla Glue is perfect for this. The Gorilla Glue also makes people chatty while giving a slightly distracting feeling. You also get an uplifting feeling but will also end up thirsty.

One thing you’ll notice about the Gorilla Glue strain is its aroma. It’s a mixture of sour notes, sweet scents, and powerful coffee aromas. And with the robust flavors, the Gorilla Glue strain is a good choice for edibles, as it tastes like sweet, earthy pine with a mix of chocolate and coffee scents.

Of course, the Gorilla Glue strain has side effects, and due to its magnitude, it’s best to stick to lower dosages, particularly for new users. The most common reactions to the Gorilla Glue are the dry mouth and itchy eyes, so you need to stay hydrated to minimize the effects. There are also some instances of mild paranoia, and you can also expect dizziness and mild headaches.

The Gorilla Glue also makes a good sedative during evening use, as it can set the mood for a night of rest. It’s an excellent choice to mitigate insomnia and is guaranteed to make you sleepy. It’s also a good choice for those who need to stimulate their appetite after chemical treatment.







The Headband strain is called such because it makes your head feel wrapped in a relaxing manner. This strain provides you with relief from stress and other body pains you may have. The relaxing sensation lasts anywhere from 2 – 3 hours on average, and the intensity depends on how much you consume. The Headband is also known for boosting creativity, suitable for those who need to unlock ideas in the creative process.

The Headband is known for its lemon-like scent and with a mix of earthy notes to it. Smoking it provides you with sweet lemon with a bit of creaminess to it. It leaves a bit spicy and earthy tones with a light lavender flavor. When consuming Headband, you can expect to cough, as this strain is Indica dominant. Consuming larger quantities may also give you a paralyzing effect and trigger paranoia. That’s why you need to take it in smaller amounts to determine your threshold.

The Headband is a good option for treating ADD and ADHD with its relaxing properties doesn’t dwell on drowsiness. If you suffer from frequent headaches and migraines, you can also use this strain for treatment. For those who have insomnia or want to get some sleep, Headband also serves as a relaxant to help you loosen up before getting some sleep.







The Candyland is all about making happiness burst inside. It’s a great source to boost energy on a dragging day and gives you enlightenment as well. If you’re feeling down, smoke one, and you’ll be up on your feet. You won’t get any tiring feeling, as Candyland gives you this sense of euphoria that will get you infecting others with the good vibes you get from this strain.

The Candyland strain is a unique mix of pine cones, sweet herbs with a hint of earth tones. Tasting it gives you berries and pine flavors that stick to your tongue. The blend of flavors will be leaving you wanting more, but be warned that THC levels are high on the Candyland.

Before you jump in with this strain, note that Candyland has some side effects. The most notable effects are dehydration and, in some cases anxious and paranoia, especially when consumed at high levels. Considering the potency of the Candyland, it’s best to test your stash with Botanical Analyzers.

This strain is one of the most popular ones used in medicine. It works pretty well in stress management and can be used to combat depression and PTSD. Those suffering from chronic pain will also enjoy Candyland, as they combine it with smoking.



Pineapple Express


Pineapple Express


The name says extreme, but the truth is, it’s not powerful as you’d expect. But take it in a good way. The Pineapple Express is an uplifting strain that helps you lift your mood to start a good day. Also recommended for the creatives, this strain will help you brainstorm ideas for your next project or presentation. Pineapple Express doesn’t have any tiring feeling, but it helps you relax, making it a good option for daytime users.

One thing notable with the Pineapple Express is its scent. It has strong pineapple tones that might be a problem for those trying to discreetly use weed in a place where people might not be as open-minded about smoking cannabis.

Smoking also gives you that Pineapple taste, which gives justice to the fruit. It also has that tropical vibe and leaves a strong sugar aftertaste similar to mangoes and pineapples. Many say that the Pineapple Express is one of the tastiest strains, which makes it popular.

The Pineapple Express isn’t as potent as you can expect at most dehydration. But, when consumed at high doses, you can expect slight paranoia and anxiety, which aren’t common effects. The Pineapple Express is ideal for those wanting medical cannabis without too many side effects. It’s suitable for stress control and also works as a pain reliever. You can even make tinctures or edibles out of its extracts or even an addition to your gummies.



Green Crack


Green Crack


The Green Crack is a great way to start the day for some people, as they use it to replace their morning coffee to start the day. It’s known for stimulating and encouraging focus on the tasks at hand. For those wanting to concentrate on tasks, the Green Crack is the way to go. For those watching their food intake, the Green Crack doesn’t induce munchies.

The Green Crack features tones of earthiness and tropical fruits. Smoking gives a citrus flavor with a mix of earthy flavors. The aftertaste has this sweet fruity flavor that’s also reminiscent of tropical settings.

The Green Crack is known for dry mouth and eyes, with some instances of paranoia or nervousness when it comes to side effects. As a dominant Sativa strain, it can lead to insomnia or restlessness when smoked late at night.

The Green Crack is known for stress and depression management, as it induces a sense of happiness. It also doesn’t have the common crash with other strains, making it a good pain reliever for chronic pains and muscle strains. If you refrain from caffeine, the Green Crack also keeps the body and mind up, just like coffee.



Lemon Haze


Lemon Haze


Last on the list is the Lemon Haze strain, recommended in social situations and casual users. This strain is known for having a balanced high while being aware of your surroundings. Some say the Lemon Haze can be for the free spirit, but it’s the uplifting vibe it gives. You become more sociable and tend to let out ideas you may have, which is why it’s suitable for socializing and even brainstorming.

This strain is known for its strong lemon scent and earthy tones. The lemon scent is quite powerful, so you may want to find a way to mask it for people who may not appreciate cannabis. Smoking this strain is like putting fresh lemon that gives it strong citrus aftertastes. It’s a crowd favorite because of its smell and taste.

The nice thing about the Lemon Haze is the side effects. Unlike other strains, Lemon Haze is known for its light reactions. There’s a slight paranoia at times, but most notable is the dry mouth feeling, and it is pretty weak compared to other Sativa strains.

Lemon Haze is ideal for its medicinal properties versus depression, stress, and other mental health problems. Like different strains, Lemon Haze works good for pain relief, as it can ease headaches and PMS, with its high CBD content and above-average THC levels.



Sative versus Indica

One of the things you’ll notice is that these strains are either Sativa or Indica dominant. For the most part, the strains in the list are often Sativa dominant. Still, to give you an idea of how it impacts your strain, Sativa focuses on productivity and keeping oneself up and running. At the same time, Indica works more as a sedative and relaxes your muscles. The strains in this list are a mixture of the two; they can provide both properties but have less dominant effects on one side.



Choosing a Strain

There might be many similarities with the strains, especially with the medicinal benefits they imbue to users. But the truth is, not all strains are created equal. There are less potent strains of cannabis, and some strains work better for specific health conditions.

If you consider getting into medical cannabis as a solution to any condition you may have, it’s best to consult your doctor before choosing a strain to work with. Remember also that you don’t need to smoke these strains to consume them. There are other ways of destroying them, such as through edibles made from cannabutter machines.

These are just some of the most popular strains in the cannabis market today. Remember that not all strains work for some people. That’s why it’s best to consult with your doctor, or if you plan to use it for recreational purposes, look up the THC levels before lighting that joint.




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