Introducing: The Sasquash M2

Recently, Sasquash released a new hydraulic press, the M2. With inflation rates and prices of goods & groceries on the rise, it seems bewildering that we’re able to get a product from Sasquash like the M2, a new & improved version of the M1 in every imaginable way, with a smaller price tag than its predecessor. Yes, you read that right - not even the same price as the older model it replaced, but lower. 

Let's take a deeper look at the M2 and see what it has to offer.


A Better Rosin Press with a Smaller Price Tag

So, while the Sasquash M2 might be a newcomer to the market, it is no stranger when it comes to functionality. The biggest change to come to the M2, aside from the price point and design, is the introduction of larger plates. The Sasquash M2 now comes with 4” x 7” plates—bigger than the M1's 3.5" x 4.5" plates. Retained from the M1 the same output of 10 tons of pressure. 

The larger plates now allow you to fit more of your material with each press. The Sasquash M2 allows you to squish up to 35 grams of flower and up to 52 grams of hash. The upgraded plate size, and effectively, squish capacities shows that it's not just another gimmick or copy of an old model but a substantial improvement of its predecessor, the M1. Quantified, the M2 is around a 160% improvement in material capacity compared to the M1.

Sasquash M2 10 Ton Rosin Press


Sasquash M1 10 Ton Rosin Press


Plate Size

4” x 7”

3.5” x 4.5”


10 Tons

10 Tons

Material Capacity

35 grams flower

52 grams hash

14 grams flower

20 grams hash


Props to Sasquash, they really built this rosin press with a reasonable price tag so that everyone who's on a budget could get their hands on one of Sasquash's rosin presses without compromising quality. Like other Sasquash presses, the M2 comes with a hand pump and pressure gauge—so you don’t need to worry about finding your own.

It also features a dual PID controller to ensure accurate temperature control. The Sasquash M2's open front and back design make it easy to access the reeds for rosin collection or maintenance without disassembling them. This really makes it a breeze both in use—and cleaning. 


Stacking up against the V2

The Sasquash V2 comes with a similar design to the M2 but with a larger plate size and squish capacity. I mean, just by introducing the V2, you can already tell that it's already a better choice than M2.

But is it?

The Sasquash V2 comes with a 15-ton pressure capacity, five-ton bigger than the M2. It also has a larger plate size of 8.5" x 5" compared to M2's 4" x 7", almost half of V2's size. This means that V2 can clamp down on more material than M2 and produce higher-quality finishes. Meanwhile, the squish capacity of the M2 can also hold 35 grams of material—a little more than the V2's 28-gram capacity. That means the M2 is able to squeeze a few extra grams of material from what you put into it, despite having a smaller plate size than the V2.

Now, let's move forward with their price tag. At the time of this writing, the Sasquash V2 costs about $4,800.00 and M2 costs only $2,250 —which is already half of what the V2 would cost you. Overall, the M2 offers a better value for your money. With the right accessories and consumables, you can use the M2 for almost everything the V2 can do—and at a lower price. 



The Sasquash M2 is a great example of how a company can maintain its quality reputation while bringing a new product to market that meets modern needs. Great quality, a reasonable price point, and a sleek design make this rosin press an easy choice for anyone who wants to get into making their own extracts. So, if you want to add a new level of excitement to your rosin experience, try the Sasquash M2.