Introducing the GreenBroz M+ Trimming System

Automatic bud trimmers in the market are all about making the job easier. Thanks to these machines, a once tedious job becomes a walk in the park. Even taking things up a notch is the integration of these trimmers into a more extensive trimming system that makes the process more holistic.

Many of the popular automatic trimmer brands in the market have developed their respective trimming systems, and GreenBroz isn’t letting itself out of the party. GreenBroz recently introduced its M+ Trimming System to offer a package to create a trimming system with their machines. So, what can you expect from the M+ Trimming System?



The M+ Trimming System comprises two machines: the M Trimmer and the Rise Conveyor. The M Trimmer is a dry bud trimmer with a 30 pound capacity per hour and gives you hand-trimmed quality buds. It features trichome-safe blades that ensure your buds retain their mass after trimming.


Introducing the GreenBroz M+ Trimming System


Meanwhile, the Rise Conveyor is made of stainless steel and has a capacity of 15 pounds. It also features a food-safe conveyor belt that prevents microbial growth. The nice thing about the Rise Conveyor is that it’s not only for the M+ Trimmer; you can use it in other parts of your workflow.

Both machines are modular, thanks to their built-in wheels that make them easy to move around and configure to your existing workflow. Using this system allows you to speed up your workflow so that your team can focus on other essential tasks.


Why should you get the GreenBroz M+ Trimming System?

Like any other trimmer in the market, the M+ Trimming System is all about saving time and money when working on your buds. Sure, it’s an upfront investment, but in the long run, you’re saving time and money.



Suppose you have a 200-pound of dry buds from your last harvest. If a person assigned to trim manually can do a pound each day, and you have 12 people to do the job, that means spending over 16 days to get the job done. If you pay them $200 each per day, that’s going to cost you $2,400 daily.

All in all, you’re looking at spending $40,000 to trim that load for a little over 16 days.

If you had a system like the M+ Trimming System, you could easily save money. On its own, the M Trimmer in this system only costs $18,000. With a 30-pound capacity, you should be done by the end of the day with this trimmer. And with the Rise Conveyor, you also reduce time in loading your buds.

Speaking of time, the M+ Trimming System is easy to clean with a washdown, and you can do complete cleaning in an hour. You can spend more time doing other essential tasks for your business.

Another thing to note about using the M+ Trimming System is that you get to reduce the handling of your buds. That means preserving trichomes and also preventing unscrupulous workers from stealing your buds.

Having the M+ Trimming System also ensures consistency. You get the same results with every trim, and the use of the Rise Conveyor also gives you estimates on how fast each batch gets completed.

In conclusion, the M+ Trimming System works best for medium to large-scale operations that trim exclusively dry. If your workflow has different steps, the Rise Conveyor will be handy, given the versatility it offers.