Should You Wet or Dry Trim? - A Quick Guide To The Bud Trimming Methods

Should You Wet or Dry Trim? - A Quick Guide To The Bud Trimming Methods

Why do we need to trim buds?

There are various procedures in cultivating and processing your buds but why exactly is trimming a very important step?

  1. Aesthetic Quality - Neatly trimmed buds are usually what we see posted online and what is often associated with. The presence of leaves and other untrimmed particles may seem unattractive for majority of people.

  2. Smoother Experience - Leaves tend to produce a rougher smoke which can irritate the throat hence trimming makes the user experience better especially for medical marijuana users.

  3. THC Levels - The concentration of THC is more potent in the buds rather than the leaves so most producers prefer having more yield per gram by processing the leaves separately.



Wet trimming vs. dry trimming - What's the difference?

Wet trimming

Refers to trimming of the buds BEFORE drying for a tidier and smoother look.

Wet trimming tips:

  • Freshly-cut plants should be carefully hung on sturdy drying lines or racks in a cool, dry, dark location with a hint of air flow. Both light and heat will oxidize the resin in trichomes and anything above about 30% humidity will lead to mold or mildew issues and uneven or improper drying.

  • Hang the plants close enough together to maximize space, but with enough distance between each to encourage air flow. Avoid loosely-woven cordage or ropes or natural fibers, as these may absorb and store moisture, as well as collecting dust quite easily.

  • Rotate the plants every few days - at least once per week - in order to periodically inspect them and also to maximize even exposure of the plants throughout the drying space.

  • It is possible to trim the plants when wet and dry the manicured buds on hanging laundry airing racks in a room full of dehumidifiers, but it is very common to over-dry the product when using this method, often preferred by commercial producers.


Dry trimming

Very little trimming is done, mostly only fan leaves are removed. Most of the sugar leaves are kept on which can be a benefit for their extra THC concentration.

Dry trimming tips:

  • Depending on the climate, start with 30% humidity at 60-65°F for 24 hours followed by raising the humidity to 50-60% for five to six days. Results may vary depending on the density of the flowers.

  • The buds should be about 90% dry, and not completely to prevent crumbling.

  • In case the larger leaf is too dry and brittle, humidity should be raised up to 75% for about half a day to a full day. Doing this allows the leaf to be pulled through the drum, resulting in cleaner and sharper cuts.


Which method is correct?

There is no correct method. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage of dry trimming is that a far more potent smell will remain on the flowers and the extra THC from the sugar leaves will be present. The disadvantage is that there’s more processing time.

The advantage of wet trimming is that it is easier and requires less time but there is significantly less smell which some people dislike.