The Best 4x4 LED Grow Lights

The Best 4x4 LED Grow Lights

There's something about  4x4 grow lights. They're not too big, and they're not too small either. A 4x4 grow space is the melting pot where commercial and home growers meet. 

If you're a home grower looking to maximize space, 4x4 feet grow areas are ideal even for smaller places, as they don't take up space like a commercial facility. For those in commercial-sized operations, 4x4 feet is a good starting point for anyone looking to put up individual grow tents to cultivate different plants or strains. 

Of course, you need a grow light to match the canopy area that a 4x4 grow tent offers. If you want to upscale or focus on developing 4x4 grow spaces, here are five of the best grow lights for this application. 



Spider Farmer SE5000

Spider Farmer SE5000 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

The  Spider Farmer SE5000 is a six-bar LED grow light that works best for commercial growing in a 4x4 feet canopy. With a total power of 480 watts, this grow light delivers an efficacy of 2.75 umol/s for every watt. 

The SE5000 features a three-channel spectrum that makes it easier to customize lighting output based on your plant's needs. You can also use it to increase the production or quality of your crop by tweaking the spectrum further. 

If you want to connect multiple units, the SE5000 can chain with 29 other units for better uniformity when growing plants. 


Medic Grow Fold 6

Medic Grow Fold-6 660W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

The  Medic Grow Fold 6 proves to be another formidable option in the 4x4 segment. 

Running at 660 watts, the Medic Grow Fold 6 delivers an efficacy of 2.8 umol/J. You can hang this grow light 12 inches from the canopy while getting a PPFD of 1123 umol per meter per second. On its own, this grow light's brightness may be set from 40 – 100 percent. 

While it consumes more power, this grow light makes up for its larger capacity in daisy chaining. You can connect up to 75 grow lights in a single chain if you plan to scale up your operations. 


Migro Aray 8

MIGRO ARAY 8 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

The  Migro Aray 8 looks slightly different from the usual bar grow lights. Built with eight LED bars, the Aray 8 runs at 500 watts of power, delivering a PPF of 2.7 umols/J and a PPFD of 800 umol/S. 

The Aray 8 comes fully loaded with Samsung 3000K and 5000K, CT LM281B, and 600nm red LEDs. It also comes with a more in-depth dimmer allowing you to go from 0 – 100 percent brightness when recreating sunlight. 

The nice thing about the Aray 8 is its expansion capabilities. The Aray 8 easily connects with another Aray 8 with its modular connections for future-proofing the grow light system. 


Photontek X 465W 

Photontek X 465W Pro Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Fixture

The  Photontek X 465W uses a linear design to spread a homogeneous light across the canopy. 

Rated at 465 watts, the Photontek X 465W features a photon efficacy of 2.7 umol/J and a 1256 PPFD, ensuring that yields are boosted every harvest. It also features an easy-to-assemble design with the help of the click magnets, which allow you to remove light bars when you don't need them yet. 

If you already have an existing controller, you'll be excited to know that the Photontek X 465W is compatible with many third-party controllers. However, you can unlock its full potential by chaining up to a hundred units using the Photontek Digital Lighting Controller. 


Growers Choice ROI E420

Grower's Choice ROI-E420 LED Grow Light Fixture

The  Growers Choice ROI E420 is known for its 3K full PAR spectrum, made famous by the company. 

Designed for low-profile grow tents, the ROI E420 has 420 watts of power with a PAR efficiency of 2.6 umols/J and a total output of 1090 umol/S. This grow light may also be hung as low as six inches from the canopy, up to 24 inches. 

The ROI-E420 is compatible with many third-party lighting controllers; however, you can unlock its full potential using Master Controller by Growers Choice. 



All the grow lights listed here have their strengths, which makes it hard to choose an overall. The best option would be the one that matches your needs, especially with expansions as part of your considerations. 

Some might like the idea of expanding, just like what the Aray 8 offers, while others prefer something more economical regarding power consumption, like the ROI-E420. And some want customizable lighting recipes as a priority. Remember that you're choosing a grow light based on the direction of cultivation plans, so choose those with features that match your vision.