5 Reasons to Switch From HPS to LED

5 Reasons to Switch From HPS to LED

Have you been thinking of switching to LEDs from HPS light fixtures? While HPS grow lights seem to be a more practical solution, especially if you’re starting, LEDs have their advantages and are in the direction when upgrading. And with LEDs reinventing indoor growing, it seems to be the more logical path when improving your indoor system.

Now, switching to LED from HPS comes with challenges, but rest assured, there are simple fixes. More importantly, the benefits you get will outweigh any troubles you might encounter in the transition. So, why should you consider switching to LED grow lights?



LEDs Have Better Light Spectrum Quality


LED Grow Light Spectrum Quality


Using HPS grow lights meant having a dedicated fixture for the vegetation and flowering stage of your plants. But LEDs change all that with the improved light spectrum quality. While some LED grow lights are dedicated to a particular stage in a plant’s growth cycle, full-spectrum LEDs dominate the LED grow light market.

With the introduction of LED grow lights, you only need one set of grow lights, and you don’t need to think about changing fixtures. All you need is to switch the spectrum on the grow light to match the stage of growth.

On top of that, by having both spectrums, you can ensure rigid growth, better root development, improved flowering, and massive yields. And just as important, LED grow lights have white and green spectrums that improve potency and canopy penetration, respectively.



LEDs Provide Better Yields and Overall Bud Quality


Cannabis Bud


LED grow lights can help you improve the quality of yield you get from your plants for the same light intensity. Since LED grow lights are often full light spectrum, they can provide your plants with the exact lighting needed during growth. Add a variable controller for the spectrum to the mix, and you can take things up a notch to increase flavor and potency.

Using premium LED grow lights also improves the chances of better yields. With the help of variable control for the spectrum, you can speed up the process of bud development. As spectrum changes simulate transitions to seasons, your plant will adapt to this simulation to grow buds at a faster pace. This shift helps you produce more during harvest, even multiple harvesting cycles when done right.



LED Grow Lights Use Less Energy


Energy Efficient


Aside from having the same light intensities as HPS grow lights, LED grow lights also use less power than HPS grow lights. You will only need a fraction of the wattage of HPS to grow lights to get the same results as LED. That means you get more savings when switching to LED grow lights.

Grow lights matter a lot when running a business that focuses on growing plants. By using less wattage with good results, you can reduce your overhead costs, resulting in savings for your business. And if that’s not good enough to convince the switch, here’s the thing: LED grow lights provide up to 50 percent savings when compared to HPS grow lights. That’s quite a lot and translates to higher revenue for you. On top of that, LED grows lights usually have passive cooling, eliminating the need to have active cooling systems for the lights.



LED Grow Lights Last Longer

Like how LED bulbs are marketed versus the traditional incandescent bulb, LED grow lights last longer than HPS grow lights.

While HPS still comes out cheaper, LED grow lights are the economical choice, given their lifespan can range anywhere between 50,000 and 100,000 hours, without much depreciation. HPS, on the other hand, needs replacement after 5,000 hours of use for consistent output. Going beyond 5,000 compromises the quality of your plants’ growth or yields.



LED Grow Lights are Easy to Setup


LED Grow Light Setup


LED grow lights often have built-in drivers and feature plug-and-play operations. There’s no need to handle ballasts and bulbs that are often associated with HPS grow lights.

All you need to do is hang, plug it in, and your plants are ready to welcome the sunshine inside the grow tent. Even if you add an external controller, it will still be easy to insert in the loop.

As LED grow lights emit less heat, you won’t have a problem hanging them in smaller grow tents. Many LED grow lights are suitable for hanging at clearances as low as 12 inches. Now, that’s tight! And with the longevity of LEDs, you don’t need to worry about replacements anytime soon. But, should you find yourself needing to replace them, installing a new one is a walk in the park.


Switching to LED grow lights will be one of the best decisions you can make for indoor growing. As you streamline things to be more economical, LED grow lights are one the best things you can upgrade to, given all the benefits it brings to indoor growing. With that in mind, the sooner you switch, the faster the return on investment will be.