Rosinbomb Rocket Review — Blasting Off the Personal Rosin Press to New Heights

What makes for a good personal rosin press?

✔ Something that can get the job done and get consistent yields from; 
✔ Something that is affordable; 
✔ Something that is built to last and won't fail;
...and perhaps, something that looks stylish and completely badass.

Everything you're reading above exactly describes the Rosinbomb Rocket. You see, most presses today come in all shapes, capacities, and sizes. And since one of the key elements in making rosin is pressure, a lot of the presses sold today are able lay down this kind of pressure thanks to the applied engineering of hydraulics (compressed liquid) or pneumatics (compressed air). 

But a company in Arizona called Rosinbomb decided to go against the status quo—they've decided to pivot themselves from the competition by carving out a market for themselves when they created the electric-powered rosin press. And no, there's no hydraulic cylinder hidden underneath that stain-less steel casing; just as Tesla revolutionized the electric car, Rosinbomb revolutionized the electric rosin press. The Rosinbomb Rocket is the result of several years' worth of customer research and product cultivation to bring us a compact, all-electric personal rosin press that's designed for the masses.

Rosinbomb Rocket

Standing at 10" inches tall, the Rosinbomb Rocket is the definition of an ultra-portable unit. Weighing only at 13lbs, with no external pumps, hand cranks, or any extra hardware required aside from a 110V outlet, the Rosinbomb Rocket is a small-footprint rosin press that you can literally bring and use anywhere & everywhere your heart desires.

Rosinbomb Rocket Wineglass

Does it have enough pressure? Oh yes it does. The Rosinbomb Rocket has been tested to have an output of over 1,800lbs of pressure which can easily squish anywhere from 3-5 grams at a time. So if you're pressing a 2.5" diameter puck, you're actually putting about 720 psi (1,800 / 2.5 sq. inches), which is about equal or even more pounds-per-square-inch of pressure than other commercial rosin press models.

rosinbomb rocket pressure

Last but not the least, the styling-- we'd be hard pressed (pun intended) to find another rosin press in the market today that looks anything close to the Rosinbomb Rocket. The all stainless-steel casing and understated yet minimal styling makes it a pleasure to look at and would fit any home, display, or table very nicely.


The Rosinbomb Rocket is definitely one of the hottest personal rosin press in the market today, and it's very easy to see why. If you're someone who's only pressing a couple grams at a time, wants something that looks sleek, portable, and wants something that doesn't require any additional or external hardware, look no more—the Rosinbomb Rocket is ready for takeoff and ready to sweep you off your feet.


Ready to press with the best? Grab your Rosinbomb Rocket today.