Freeze Drying Made Affordable with Trimleaf's Layaway Program

Looking to purchase a Harvest Right freeze dryer but worried about the upfront cost? Trimleaf has you covered with our layaway program! With just a minimum 10% deposit, you can reserve your freeze dryer and make payments over the course of 3 months. By spreading out your payments over several months, you can enjoy the convenience of making manageable payments that fit your budget.

How it Works

Place a minimum 10% deposit to reserve your Harvest Right freeze dryer

Pay the balance of your Harvest Right freeze dryer over 3 months

We ship your freeze dryer after your final payment

Select PUT IT ON LAY-BUY by at checkout and follow the steps to complete your purchase.

No interest, no ongoing or late fees, and the ability to pay your balance early to get your equipment shipped faster.

PUT IT ON LAY-BUY Checkout Screenshot Trimleaf


You only pay a one-time administrative fee, with no additional ongoing costs. The specific amount of the fee varies based on the value of your order.

There will never be any interest charges applied.

You'll never be charged any late fees.

You'll receive the product once the final payment has been made & the item being paid off.

Absolutely! You can pay your LAY-BUY payment plan early so we can ship the product soon as your final payment has been received.

PayPal will automatically attempt to charge you in 5 days, up to a maximum of two times.