CenturionPro Mini vs Twister T4

Battle of the Trimmers: CenturionPro Mini vs Twister T4


Centurionpro Mini

Twister T4

Type of Trimmer: Wet and Dry

Type of Trimmer: Wet and Dry

Wet Capacity: 35 pounds

Wet Capacity: 23 pounds

Dry Capacity: 7 pounds

Dry Capacity: 7 pounds

Blade Material: D2 hardened steel blade

Blade Material: Nitrided Steel blade

Number of Blades: 11

Number of Blades: 5

Tumbler Material: Stainless steel with option to upgrade to quantanium

Tumbler Material: Stainless steel tumbler

Tumbler Diameter: 6.5 inches

Tumbler Diameter: 5 inches

Tumbler Length: 27 inches

Tumbler Length: 24.25 inches

CenturionPro Mini Pros:

  • Can be chained to other Mini trimmer

  • Has a higher wet capacity

CenturionPro Mini Cons:

  • Variable Speed controller sold separately

Twister T4 Pros:

  • Built-in Variable Controller

  • Can be chained with other T4 Trimmers

Twister T4 Cons:

  • Low wet capacity on its own

When it comes to small-scale trimming, the CenturionPro Mini and the Twister T4 are often put head to head when it comes to performance. After all, they’re both designed for small to medium-scale growers with similar material capacities at some point. But how do they differ?

The CenturionPro Mini offers a wet capacity trimming of 35 pounds an hour and a dry trimming capacity of seven pounds dry. It uses stainless steel blades and a stainless steel tumbler, but you have the option to upgrade the latter with a Quantanium tumbler that’s easy to clean. If you’re looking for broader control, the CenturionPro Mini has an optional variable speed controller that’s sold separately.

The Twister T4 also offers a dry trimming capacity of seven pounds dry but only has a 23-pound capacity for wet buds. The T4 provides a variable speed control with up to 36 possible settings. While the T4 can be linked in threes, unfortunately, it can only trim dry in a two-trimmer system, unlike the Mini, which can also do three.

The CenturionPro Mini is great for those who want high-capacity trimming out of the box. The Twister T4, meanwhile, is an excellent option for those who want complete control over trim settings without buying an additional controller.