The Green Sunshine Co

Give your indoor garden a dose of Green Sunshine to improve plant health and quality of yields. The Green Sunshine Co. provides growers with lighting solutions that cater to different growth needs.

With its Electric Sky LED Grow Lights, The Green Sunshine Co. lets you experience a full spectrum like never before. Compact, yet powerful, these grow lights from The Green Sunshine Co. direct the light intensity onto the canopy for equal light distribution and best growth results. With its wideband spectrum, your plants can reach their full potential like never before.

You’ll be surprised with the results you get from using the products from The Green Sunshine Co. With faster growth, healthy plants, and crops full of flavor, even you would think you cultivated your plants outdoor with natural lighting.

But that’s how powerful and efficient the grow lights of The Green Sunshine Co. are. Expect only the best results when you invest in The Green Sunshine Co.

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