Harvest Right Freeze Dryers: Frequently Asked Questions

 Got questions about Harvest Right freeze dryers? We've got the answers to the most common questions asked on the Internet about Harvest Right freeze dryers. Whether its freeze dryer specifications, to technical usage, or tips, we answer the Internet's burning questions about Harvest Right freeze dryers. 

What are the electrical requirements of a Harvest Right freeze dryer?
Small and standard freeze-dryers use a standard 110-volt outlet. At peak, they draw about 16 amps; on average, their power draw is about 9 to 11 amps (990 to 1210 watts) per hour.
What is the difference between a Premier Pump and an Oil-free Pump?
Oil-Free Pump can be used with any size freeze dryer and does not require oil changes or regular maintenance, whereas the Premier Pump still uses oil but rarely needs to have the oil changed or filtered.
What are some common complaints about Harvest Right freeze dryers?
Harvest Right Freeze Dryer is noisy and generates a lot of heat. Oil must be filtered after every batch and the vacuum pump must be drained, disassembled, and cleaned after 20 batches.
How does a Harvest Right Freeze Dryer work with cannabis?
Harvest Right Freeze Dryer preserves cannabinoids and terpenes by protecting them from the degradation that heat causes, even in a controlled environment.
What kind of oil does a Harvest Right vacuum pump use?
Harvest Right sells their own branded oil. Alternatively, you can also use VacOil's ECO Grade Vacuum Pump Oil.
Is it possible to freeze dry using Harvest Right Freeze Dryer Oil Free Pump?
Yes. In fact, an oil free vacuum pump can be used with any size freeze dryer and is quiet, fast, and easy to use.
What are Harvest Right freeze dryer trays made of?
The Harvest Right Freeze Dryer trays are made of stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion, heat, chemicals and other substances.
Where are Harvest Right freeze dryers made?
The manufacturing facility in Salt Lake City, Utah, is where all Harvest Right freeze dryers are designed, engineered, and tested.
How heavy are Harvest Right freeze dryers?
Harvest Right Freeze Dryers are available in three sizes: small, medium, and large. The small weighs about 61 pounds, the medium 112 pounds, and the large 138 pounds.
How do I set up my Harvest Right Freeze Dryer?

Step 1: Select a spot for your freeze-dryer.

Place your freeze-dryer on a level surface, and make sure that its vents are not blocked by anything. Dryers can be placed in kitchens or other small spaces, but if you have more room, it may be better to put it somewhere with more space.

Step 2: Examine at your freezer-dryer's door.

Checking the door and the gasket is an important part of keeping your dryer running smoothly. The gasket is a rubber seal between the inside of the dryer and the door, and it needs to be clean and free of gaps. You should also check the inside of your door for any dirt or grime. This just needs to be a quick check so that you can make sure that everything is in good shape.

Step 3: Set up the vacuum pump.

Note: Skip this step if you have an oil-free pump.

The vacuum pump is the most important part of your freeze-dryer. It sucks out all the moisture from your food and helps it to freeze faster. To set up your pump, first you'll need to remove the red cap that covers the glass display. Pour in oil until it reaches the center of the glass display, then replace the cap. 

Step 4: Attach the hose to the freeze drier.

To connect the hose to the freeze drier, first screw in the hose in the connection on the dryer and pump. Hand tightening is enough and using tools to tighten further risks damage to the dryer. Also, Harvest Right doesn’t recommend using any tape on the connections—it can cause problems for the O-ring seal.

Step 5: Plug the dryer in and turn it on.

Interface will light up when you turn it on. Take note that I means on and O means off. You can click the button on the back of the pump to turn it on and off.

Step 6: Install the insulator pad in the door.

This pad is placed between the door and the shelves. It should fit nicely between the gasket and the shelves (but take careful not to get it trapped in the door).

Step 7: Shut the door

This one is really simple. Just shut the door and make sure you close it tightly, and don't force it or you'll break it.

Step 8: After closing the drain valve, place the hose in a bucket or drain.

Close the drain valve on your freeze dryer. This will prevent any water from leaking out of your machine and making a mess. Next, place the open end of your freeze dryer in a bucket or directly into the drain so that all of the water can be collected and disposed of easily.

Step 9: Check the door seal with the pump running.

The pump creates a vacuum within the dryer, which should help the door seal nicely and snugly. If there are any parts of the gasket that don’t seal properly have a quick check why, as it may be that something small is obstructing it.

Step #10: Turn on the dryer for a test run.

Make sure the dryer is completely dry inside. Then select ‘functional test’ and press ‘on’ to begin. Leave it working for 30 minutes, after which the pressure should be below 500 mTorr.

In addition, consider freeze-drying a batch of moist bread during your initial test run, and spritz vinegar around the tray to eliminate the mild odor of a newly manufactured freeze dryer.

If your first run doesn't work, make sure the door seals well, the hose connections are tight, and the drain valve is shut. Any difficulties in forming a vacuum are most probably related to minor gaps in the seals.

Can you rehydrate freeze-dried food?
Freeze-dried food can be reconstituted back to their original taste and texture, so even with a busy schedule, you can still enjoy delicious meals.
Can you rehydrate milk?
Yes. Add water gradually and stir until the mixture returns to its original state.
Is the Harvest Right oil free pump worth it?
Yes, it has lower power consumption and is maintenance-free! But if you freeze-dry twice or even once a month, it is not worth the cost unless you're willing to spend extra money.
What are the components of a Harvest Right freeze dryer?
Harvest Right Freeze-dryers come equipped with four basic components: a drying chamber, a vacuum pump, a heat source, and a condenser.
How to rehydrate freeze dried food with Harvest Right freeze dryer?
To rehydrate freeze-dried vegetables, place the desired amount of dried vegetables in a bowl and add enough hot water to cover. Let stand for a minute or two, until the ingredients are softened.
How to freeze dry apples on Harvest Right freeze dryer?
Freeze dried apple pie apples can be sliced less than 1″ thick and placed in single layers on the trays.
What is the best price of a Harvest Right freeze dryer?
The price for the Harvest Right Freeze Dryer varies according to size. A small Harvest Right Freeze Dryer unit costs $2595, a medium unit costs $2895, and a large unit costs $3595.
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