Lotus Nutrients

If you seek a simple nutrition system for your plants, Lotus Nutrients is your answer.


Developed in tandem with growers, scientists, and horticulturists, Lotus Nutrients aims to streamline the products you use for your plants.


Intending to set the bar for pure medicine-grade plant nutrients, Lotus developed a series of premium products that will let your profits bloom.


Instead of overwhelming growers with an array of nutrients, Lotus made an easy and complete three-part nutrient line to replace complicated multiple recipes.


Lotus’ pure three-party system gives your plants a complete nutrient package to aid in their development.


With a focus on medicinal plants, Lotus Nutrients uses 14 unique raw and natural ingredients to help you harvest potent products.


All Lotus Nutrients products are water-soluble, milled, and blended for consistency, without binders, fillers or dyes.


From seeds to harvest, Lotus Nutrients has your plants covered every step of the way.


Trimleaf offers you the complete line of Lotus Nutrients products to choose from. Select from the five series, or grab the starter kit to get going with the essentials.

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