Hydroponic Growing Systems

Hydroponics is a great way to deviate from the usual soil planting for cannabis. While soil gardening is more traditional, it comes with challenges. These include the inability to recycle soil, monitoring of soil pH levels, and determining the proper amount of nutrients. Add these to the fact that soil quality significantly affects what you harvest in the end.

With a Hydroponic setup, you can start small. Control with precision the nutrients you give your plants and watch them grow to abundance. As long as you use the right technique, you will be able to harvest faster, healthy, and more potent cannabis, thanks to Hydroponics.

Trimleaf offers you different packages to jumpstart your Hydroponics so you can reap the benefits of this growing technique. Our inventory covers automated, aeroponics, or vertical systems, so you can choose what fits your needs. Be sure to check our inventory, so you can decide which system is perfect for your needs.

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