If grow tents are what you need, then GrowLab is what you are after.

GrowLab takes pride in having all the features meticulous growers like you look for.

Each GrowLab tent comes with rigid powder-coated frames that can withstand rusting and a reflective interior that enhances your grow lights.

GrowLab uses thermally-protected tent fabric that can insulate and repel 97 percent of radiant heat. The fabric is thicker than other brands and uses the best zippers available to protect your precious plants.

Expect flexibility, as the roof cross-members are moveable so it can adapt to your desired components. GrowLab also made sure that there are enough intake or exhaust ports, so you can use these grow tents anyway you want.

All these features are a result of careful studying of the needs of every indoor grower. These features are what make GrowLab a complete grow tent for growers.

Trimleaf offers a good selection of GrowLab products. Peruse the product listing and check out a product today.

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