Bubble Magic 5 Gallon Washing Machine Starter Kit

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
It’s all you need.

This kit has everything you need to be successful in processing your material. The washing machine is awesome. Does all the work for you simple to use and easy to drain. The filter bags are awesome because you have all the different mesh so you retrieve all the different grades in one easy flush. The only thing you will need to buy is 3or4 five gallon pails cut the bottoms out of three of them and stack them with your filters. I know where you go you’re processing it’s that simple.

Scott Daenicke
Works well

Used it a few times no worked great easy clean up

Jack 420
Sss.... Smokin.... "The Mask"

This here washer is probably one of thee best ones me an ma darn picked up. Not only is that washer stronger than my breath but it is also a rootin rootin value to. Me and ma sure will save a bundle, I might even afford to finally buy her some teeth. Now if that wasn't enough, well apparently they didn't think so, they pretty much gave me an ma the kitchin sink with this here purchase , all she had to do is get some water down by the creek an we was all set to wash us some fine items. So I would give this washer a two thumbs up but, I cannot. The reason being is I lost that bad boy back in o12, due to a cottonmouth or I would definitely give this a two thumbs up, oh and make that 4 thumbs ma wants to add to this here review.

Russell Strain

Bubble Magic 5 Gallon Washing Machine Starter Kit