Pikes Peak Rosin Press by PurePressure Review

*Update - The Pikes Peak is now the Pikes Peak V2

In only a short period of time, rosin has risen out of obscurity to become an increasingly sought after product, primarily due to its extremely promising extraction process. To think back, it was only in 2015 when it was popularized by an Instagram user as a simple way to make dabs using a hair straightener.

While making rosin out of a hair straightener is a quick and easy way to make rosin at home, it is hardly sufficient, accurate or a long-term solution for this growing niche. As a result, more and more businesses have emeged that focused on rosin production on a commercial scale. The mot notable among these businesses is PurePressure—this company has taken time to engineer a turn-key solution to make rosin production efficient, safe, and of course, profitable.



Enter PurePressure

PurePressure is a Colorado-based company founded in 2015 by two friends, Josh and Benjamin. Frustrated by the lack of quality rosin presses in the marketplace, they decided to engineer one themselves. Their objective was simple: to design a machine which automates the process of extracting rosin as work to bridge the gap of solvent-based extraction and other inefficient extraction methods. As a result, the Pikes Peak Rosin Press was born.


The Thought Process Behind the Product

One of the unique things about PurePressure is that its products underwent intense testing and review prior to its release. The founders along with third parties held several round table discussions about:

  • What’s the best way of creating a heat plate surface favorable for making exceptional rosin?
  • What amount of pressure should it be able to exert?
  • Should it be hydraulic or pneumatic?
  • What settings are crucial for a rosin extractor?
  • Aluminum heat plates vs stainless steel plates
  • Custom written software rather than manual controls


Pikes Peak Rosin Press - The Forefront in Commercial Grade Pneumatic Rosin Tech Presses

The Pikes Peak press is a comprehensive unit with a long-lasting powder-coated exterior. You can operate it either horizontally or vertically.

At the bottom, the press features a custom fabricated five-ton pneumatic cylinder that doesn't use any oils. This cylinder is also maintenance-free, making it a breeze to run without much upkeep. According to PurePressure, the machine has a lifespan of more than 5 years with constant use – that is quite impressive. The cylinder is also the most crucial part of the press, having been designed for high efficiency. In fact, it achieves a force of 10000 pounds with just 120 PSI of compressed air.

Of course, there are other presses in the market offering more pressure, but according to research, extreme pressure doesn’t boost yield. On the contrary, it diminishes the quality of rosin extracted.

Another notable feature that sets the Pikes Peak apart is its heat plate design. This part is made from pure aluminum. Also, heat plates have their own thermocouples and contain heat rods to ensure a perfect heating surface with even heat distribution. Then again, the plates are long and narrow, thus ensuring the resin and oil escape the heat swiftly to preserve the quality.

It’s also important to note that the custom written software that power the Pikes Peak press are remarkable. In that regard, virtually every factor can be speedily and effortlessly adjusted on the press. For instance, you can easily adjust the heat plate temperature between 0 and 300 F. You can also change the pressure at different stages, the press time, and the press speed to suit your needs. The software also records your previous press data to help you replicate sweet spots with ease.

One of the best things about PurePressure software is that you’re offered free updates for life. The company also gives you great ideas on making the software serve your purpose optimally.

The Pikes Peak press can go through over four pounds of resin and more than eight pounds of dry sift every day with just one operator working 8 hours a day

Final Verdict: Recommendations

With rosin, it’s easy to see that the sky is the limit. In case you’ve been thinking of making rosin or if you’ve been doing for a while want to step up your game and production, we certainly give our stamp of approval for the Pikes Peak press. We bet that you will see the reason as to why we selected it as our recommended high-quality rosin press.


You can check out the Pikes Peak Rosin Press here.