First Look and Review of the Rosinbomb M60

Just four years after the inception of the first electric-powered rosin press, ROSINBOMB just came out with their sixth and most efficient electric rosin press yet that promises manufacturers a fast, simple, and affordable solution to deliver high yields in the most efficient way possible—the Rosinbomb M60.


Rosinbomb M60 Electric Rosin Press


What's new with the Rosinbomb M60?

Flow Channel Technology

What is Flow Channel Technology?

Flow Channel Technology directs the flow of oil into a custom-designed, silicon tray for easy collection. This allows you to churn & process material consecutively without the need to clean in between each cycle. In short, the Flow Channel Technology allows you to press over and over again without the need for cleanup and scraping in between, saving you time while increasing your yields at the same time.


Rosinbomb M60 Flow Channel Technology 

Flow Channel Technology in action

Flow Channel Technology in Action


Increased yields 

No pausing between presses equates to continuous, more efficient press times. But how does the math behind that work? 

Assuming an average yield of 15 and 30%, users can do an estimate of 30 presses per hour per hour, which equates to approximately 90 grams of rosin. Add that all up and you'll be able to easily press up to 1 pound of flower per hour.

*Note: the figures above were conducted from our tests in a controlled setup. Your results may vary.


Clean up at the end of your day 

Rosinbomb M60 FDA Approved Non-Stick Diamond Coating


Spend less time cleaning and more time pressing. The Flow Channel Technology features a non-stick, FDA-approved, food-grade, diamond-hard coating that prevents any rosin build-up. 

Thanks to the Flow Channel Technology it's easier than ever before to process in larger volumes, making the extraction of pure, organic, solventless extracts and cleanup a breeze. 


Everything else about the Rosinbomb M60

6,000 lbs of Electric Pressing Force

No compressors, hydraulic, hand-cranked, or separate electric external pumps required, the Rosinbomb M60 makes for a simple, affordable, and easy to use rosin press out of the box. 

Press Up to 16 Grams of Material

Thanks to the equipped 3.75"x 3.75" dual heated plates and 6,000lbs of pressure, the Rosinbomb M60 can easily press up to 16 grams of material on each batch. 


Plug and Press Out of the Box 

Set the temperature, load your material, and with a press of a single button, you're already on your way making the purest kind of solvent-less extracts available.


A Familiar Face 

Rosinbomb M60, M50, Rocket Electric Press


Sharing the same design DNA of an all-stainless steel body, the Rosinbomb M60 is a welcomed addition to the ROSINBOMB family of electric-powered rosin presses as it brings innovation and continues to revolutionize the solvent-less extraction space. 



The Rosinbomb M60 delivers on its promise of being a fast, simple, and efficient solution in delivering the high yields thanks to its Flow Channel Technology. With the Rosinbomb M60's starting price at $2,350, the M60 also allows for solvent-less production at scale without the costly equipment or the need to have multiple technicians, which by our books, is certainly a win-win type of scenario. 


Interested in picking up a ROSINBOMB M60? Click here to check the latest pricing, sales, & any discounts offered on the Rosinbomb M60.