5 Things You Need to Know about the Kind K5 series XL750 LED Grow Light

The Kind LED K5 XL750 LED grow light from Kind LED is one of two revolutionary lights from their K5 series.

In this article, we'll discuss 5 things you need to know the Kind K5 XL750 and why you should consider using this light for your indoor grow.

5 Things You Need to Know about the Kind K5 series XL750 LED Grow Light 




Large footprint

The Kind LED XL750 grow light addresses issues LED grow lights of the early days faced: small light coverage due to poor circuit board construction.  The Kind K5 XL750 a large area of up to 16 sq. ft.



The Kind K5 XL750 replaces a 750 watt HPS setup while only drawing 430 watts. That’s a 42% savings in electricity. And because Kind LED grow lights do not need to be air-cooled like HPS lights, it eliminates the need & cost for additional fans.

Fully customizable spectrum

The Kind K5 XL750 not only gives you full control of adjusting the spectrum to match vegetative and flowering stages of your plants, but also allows for specific spectrum control for in applications such as greenhouse growing and crop rotation.

Combination of 3 and 5 watt diodes

The Kind K5 XL750 finds the sweet spot of 3 watt and 5 watt diodes as it creates the ideal amount of light to nourish your plants. The 3 watt LED chip mixed with the harvest boosting power of the 5 watt LED chips allow light to penetrate the plant's canopy.

Convenience on hand

Control 1 or 100 lights simultaneously with the included remote control! Control the spectrum or switch between light modes in one click from the convenient handheld remote.

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