5 Things You Need to Know about the Kind K5 series XL1000 LED Grow Light

The Kind LED K5 XL1000 LED grow light from Kind LED is one of two revolutionary lights from their K5 series.

In this article, we'll discuss 5 things you need to know the Kind K5 XL1000 and why you should consider using this light for your indoor grow.

5 Things You Need to Know about the Kind K5 series XL1000 LED Grow Light



Extra large footprint

the Kind K5 XL1000 covers up to an area of 25 sq ft or 5' by 5’ — this ensures that every area of the canopy is well lit, providing harvest weights that are true to spec.



the Kind K5 XL1000 replaces a 1000 watt HPS setup while only drawing 630 watts. That’s an instant 37% savings in electricity for the light. Plus, you’ll save much more from not needing to purchase heat management equipment that’s needed in a traditional HPS room.

Fully customizable spectrum

The Kind K5 XL1000 can easily switch its light spectrum based on your plants growth stage; whether your plants are a in a vegetative or flowering stage, the K5 XL1000 can nourish them both

8 light stages 

the Kind K5 XL1000 has 8 light stages that allows you to mimic the great outdoors; this allows for light to gently turn on in the morning to mimic the sunrise, intensify into full power during the day, then gently set off during the evening.

Built-in timer

the Kind K5 XL1000 streamlines your entire grow setup where you can do away with separate analog or digital timers that can be bulky and extremely unreliable. With the convenience of the included remote, all light cycles can be programmed in just a few clicks of a button.

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